Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Empty Nest

My dear, sweet sketchbook is in the post and on her way to Brooklyn. I think I had the tiniest inkling as to what it may be like to send my girls off to college. At first I was excited to be finished and able to check something off my list then I was sad to stuff her in the evelope and seal it, knowing I'd only see her again online. Now I have occasional waves of sketchbook withdrawal.

To remedy my withdrawal I plan on writing about a few more sketchbook topics including a few more pages I haven't yet discussed. I'll try to piece together one last overall review of the project as well.

Since we're moving I'll have to keep my projects to a limit around here. I haven't packed my other sketchbooks so I may whip something up by hand if I feel the urge. Oh, that sounded dirty! I have a couple of ideas for showcasing some of my design; personal and past work. I'll post a monthly Etsy treasury list and dig into my archives for little tidbits that inspire me. I'm looking forward to staying in this creative high.


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