Monday, December 6, 2010

My dirty little secret is Zombies

I have been asking myself over and over again where this new obsession came from. I have actually avoided most scary movies as they really freak me out. For days after a particularly troubling movie I am certain something is chasing me up the stairs when I walk up from the basement.

If I really mull it over I think it's all MadMen's fault. I adore that show and after the season finale I found myself with a really big TV void in my life. Nothing was really comparing and then in walked in the non-stop promos for The Walking Dead on AMC. It was premiering on Halloween and I thought I'd give it a try at least. Worst case I don't ever watch it again... but I did and now I can't stop! The season ended this past Sunday and I thought I'd take the opportunity to make an Etsy treasury list to honour my obsession.

Speaking of Etsy, I do have a shop, but for the moment I have only purchased a couple of items. I have plans, bursting with ideas and in need of a lot more research. Before I get too carried away, we need to move first before I start selling. Speaking of treasury lists, it was so fun to do this one I think I'm going to try to make it a monthly occurrence.

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