Friday, January 28, 2011

Friday Love: Oakmoss

I stumbled upon Oakmoss when she was a featured seller on Etsy this past September. She described herself as being shy when it comes to marketing herself and I instantly connected. Since reading her short interview I've been following her blog and adding a few of her items to my Etsy favs.

Peace Blend Perfume Oil. "I created this blend in honor of this time of year; the season of harvest, the season of celebration, of autumn and winter, the season of Peace, the season of gratitude and bounty."

The more I visit her blog and shop the more I fall in love with her aesthetic sense. Her pictures have a beautiful colour scheme with soft, natural light. There is careful consideration of layout and composition and her focus on the beauty of natural objects is inspiring.


Finding and sharing gems like this site are one of the many reasons I'm grateful for the internet.

All photos are © Oakmoss 
A very special thank you to Oakmoss, who when I contacted her to ask for permission to write about her and use her images, was as kind and gracious as I imagined.


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