Monday, March 21, 2011

Down by the Creek

Right behind my house is a path that leads to a really beautiful little creek. This past weekend we went as a family and did a little exploring. I was the annoying one lagging far behind stopping to take pictures and marvel at every little thing.

Moss is growing on everything which is a new concept for this 'it's a dry heat' prairie girl. Here it looks like it's clawing its way over the rock towards me.

My camera doesn't do justice to the beautiful light filtering through the forest. The tree in the middle is covered in moss or lichen which was swaying in the breeze like a delicate lace dress. Now I really understand the inspiration behind Emily Carr's paintings.

Close up of the moss/lichen growing on the tree. I am smitten with all the shades of green. Especially the fresh, yellow greens. Perhaps it's because I just went through years months of dull, gray winter.

A fungus growing on a tree stump. I spent a bit of time Googling to try to identify what type it is, but had to stop after a few articles about deadly fungi. I was reminded of a section of the Planet Earth documentaries in which they were showcasing the extraordinary rain forest fungi and their ability to infect ants and cause them to act irrationally then die. After they die the spores start growing from their brain! Now that I've gone there I must stop before I'm suddenly chewing my nails down to stubs. So, uh... pretty colours, huh?

In contrast to all the living, thriving green, here is a fallen and split tree with a gorgeous texture.

Our creek has the clearest water. Rapids on either side of the little clearing which is perfect for sitting and listening to the water and tossing rocks in to hear the 'splunk' sound and inevitable giggles from the kids. 



  1. Gorgeous photos...I lOOOVE moss!..looks like a beautiful place to live!

  2. Well...there isn't an article on the spiritual medicine of moss...but I know that it has powerful medicine...

  3. Thanks lady! So far I really love it here. Only itty-bitty thing keeping us from being down by the creek all the time is the bear that was spotted. Not sure when or where, but we make a lot of noise and don't stay too long. Will have to bug neighbours to get the real low-down.


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