Thursday, June 30, 2011

30 Days of Creativity: Days 27-30 & Project Round-Up

The 30 Days of Creativity have wrapped up and it flew by in a blur. I really can't believe it's already July! The days following the end of my sketchbook were a mix of photography, scouting, prepping and finishing.

Heedless Ceramics had an interesting call for people to take pictures of ordinary scenarios or arrangements to create a mundane still life. I started doing that but my house was (is) a toy explosion and taking pictures in a manner that drew attention to itself would result in wee littles begging to use the camera too. Instead I crept around during nap time and took pictures of my favourite textures.

Day 27 - Textures around my house. Branches, pine cones, string, woven basket and the metal (and dusty) base of an antique globe.

Day 28 - Grass, mini pine cones (not really sure what they are), feather and branches.

This project was a good incentive to start the preliminary work on a new project. I have a few pages to put together for a traveling journal about international mail. I'll write a more detailed post about that in a week or so. It also put a little fire under my butt to complete the first spread in my ArtHouse 2012 Sketchbook. Now that it's done the rest of the pages seem much less intimidating.

Day 29 - I tore out a few pages of mostly text from a magazine, cut out city and mountain shapes and painted them with watercolour. All this was a prep for a mixed media pieces for a traveling journal collaboration.


Day 30 - I have had my ArtHouse 2012 sketchbook for a while now and have only penciled in a few pages. I finished up the spread, my first spread in this sketchbook!!

While the project was fun, I am glad it has concluded so that I can tackle some other projects I haven't had the time to work on this month. It was a good exercise in completing a small project every day for a consistent 30 days. I created some interesting techniques and surprised myself on how well a few items turned out with a very limited time to complete them. I'll likely sign up again next year and would recommend it to anyone out there who is already creative or needs a little incentive to start.

If you're curious, you can take a look at all 30 of my days on my Flickr site

... J

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