Thursday, November 15, 2012

Thursday's Collection

Autumn Gradient

One of my favourite features of the blogs I read most often is the weekly link roundup. I thought I'd give it a try here so you can see a little bit more of what I'm doing, reading, & making. These are the things that caught my attention over the last little while.

The above photo was taken on a walk down to the creek behind our house. Thankfully, we didn't spot any bears this time but we did see chum swimming. A different creek, but the experience looked exactly like this video.

Last month I made these pumpkin pancakes several times. I omitted the chocolate chips and blueberries and used my own pumpkin puree. They were happily devoured by two picky kidlets and one easy-to-please husband.


There's beauty in the colour of frozen.

One of my new guilty pleasures. Brings back a few memories.




  1. Scrolling through what I missed on Twitter today and found this delightful surprise post! Love your links. (And hey, one of those looks very familiar...) Thanks for the calming music, beautiful scenery, delicious looking recipe, creative reminder and laugh at the fact that yes, I too go home to cats. : )

  2. I loved your post and wanted to include it. Thought it might be a nice surprise for you to discover. I hope you didn't take any offense to that cat gif. The site reminds me of the time I started working in design and was the lowest rank with a, uh, challenging boss. I'm also intrigued by the creator, a Hollywood assistant who started it to cope with her demanding job. The idea was recently optioned for a TV series.

  3. No, not at all: I was laughing the minute I saw it! That whole link was funny. I'll have to watch out for the series. Thanks again for sharing these Jeannine. Have a great weekend.


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