Thursday, January 3, 2013

Thursday's Collection


I made my father's traditional Sweet Potato and Carrot Crisp with our Christmas dinner. Omitting the bread crumbs (which isn't really essential) and substituting with very fine walnut could make this a fantastic gluten-free item for our friends and family who prefer to remain grain-less.

I've shelved my colourful vocabulary now that I have two little walking and talking recording and playback devices but these cards appealed to my wicked sense of humour and foul mouth.

I can't pinpoint what I love most about this. It is either that she reminds me of myself at that age or the message Lego is also for girls (and not just the pink/purple sets).

I made this with a large batch of these. We were out of our sweet curry and I used a hotter variety. It has a kick but a dollop of greek yogurt (rather than sour cream) is perfection. Plus, I'm insanely proud that my girls were so excited for homemade crackers.

The idea of an ecovillage farm within walking distance from my house is pretty exciting. It may never come to be, but it's exciting to think about.




  1. We're so glad you're excited about our ecovillage project The Village Farm. The more people who get involved and support us, the more likely it will happen! Contact us if you'd like to come to a meeting (info on our blog) or look out for news about our Open House in March!

  2. Hi Lorraine! Thank you for the comment. Spare time is at a minimum these days as I'm a mother of two girls under 6. I would love to chat at the Seedy Saturday this February if you'll have a table there.


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