Thursday, February 21, 2013

Thursday's Collection


My very first bloom of the season is this gorgeous Hellebore.

I have a primeval hankering for cabbage rolls. I'd like to try my hand at making them myself.

I have a theory about the correlation between weather pressure changes and children's difficult behaviour. We'll be making a couple of 'thinking time' glitter jars to refocus negative energy. I may make one for me, too.

Seedy Saturday is this weekend! I have my list of essential seeds and a large enough bag to come home with several other items that I didn't realize I NEEDED. If I can squeeze in the time before April, I'll make a few of these wonderful markers from our river stones.

I have one of these in all of my bathrooms. Lightly scented with organic lavender oil, it's one hundred times better than any synthetic deodorizer.

February is perfect for slow cooker soups. I mixed this recipe with this recipe to make a vegetable chowder. I also adjusted my cornmeal biscuits to be whole grain and cornmeal with a very delicious result.


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  1. Nice to stumble upon a Thursday collection on a Tuesday... especially when it contains gardening content, links to an Eco site with a sense of humour and memories of making several "thinking jars" one August a couple of years ago. I thought they would be a brilliant idea to introduce into the Art classroom - a creative way to introduce time-outs to kids that had wandered off the good behaviour track. I tested them out on a colleague of mine and she pointed out that they looked so fun to play with, I may just get kids purposefully being off task so they could shake the thinking jar! So I've given some away and one sits on the art bookshelf as a novelty... A "thinking of an idea" jar now. : )


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