Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Boom! Poof! Zoom!

Blue and Bloom

The sound of time flying past me or just straight up disappearing. February was the last time I posted on here. Another small sabbatical in which I return with new ideas and more energy.

I have noticed that my time spent on art this year has been pushed aside to focus on family. The great news is that I have a five year old reader, new friends, two active and intelligent kids and many house and garden to-do items checked off our list. The only bad news is that there is less art to show you. I have kept working here and there but my limited time is mostly spent doing and not documenting and sharing.

I have been told that this is a particularly bad year for colds and the flu. We are certainly building our immune system in this house with a near constant level of sickness floating around. Tack allergy discoveries, new activities and volunteering to the list and you can see why come 8pm I am on the couch with the TV on rather than writing.

Right now my trees and flowers are blooming and there have been some beautiful days of warm sunshine. I am hoping this is a sign of health and creativity in the coming months.



  1. I feel like I've retreated a bit lately too. Maybe it's to take a break before spring and summer get into full swing? While I look forward to seeing art from you, other "life" stuff is important to, and I'm glad that things are going well!

  2. Must be something in the stars that's kept both of us family-focused lately after such a prolific year of art-making and sharing last year! I've missed your beautiful work but am glad things are going well for you in all other areas. I'm going to try to make an effort to both make more and post more, but lately I've come to accept that sometimes it just isn't set up to happen. :) Your life sounds happy and fulfilling, which is what's important! And I'm so proud of your daughter reading! The sweetest news. ~xo

  3. I am working on not being too hard on myself when I'm not writing here. It's a creative outlet but it's not currently tied to commerce, so it can slid down the priority ladder. There are many other fun things going on that sitting to write doesn't carry the same allure it once did.

  4. Thank you Kimi. I miss you as well but I know you are never really too far away. Here's to a prolific summer of fun, happy families, art and writing.


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