Tuesday, May 22, 2012

LE Sketchbook: Covers

The last part of each sketchbook project I complete is always the cover. I feel as though I have to see all of the completed pages before I can get a good idea for the cover.

The inside front cover has a brief description about the subject of the sketchbook.

The inside back cover ends with a similar style as that of the first page. Our family rhythm repeats our distance and time love story.

See the rest of my Limited Edition Sketchbook pages.

Monday, May 14, 2012

Mail Art Monday: Decorated Envelopes

This warm, sunny weather has found me spending most of my free time outside either gardening or playing with the kids. I will be making these mail art posts biweekly for the summer so they'll each be substantial and I get a bit less screen time.

in their mailbox...

Jessica received my first postcard reply this week. I'm not thoroughly satisfied with my first contribution but I am enjoying pushing my comfort zone and the surprises that arise. This card came with a story about fishing in northern Saskatchewan with my family. There was a rush of excitement when I'd catch one but I couldn't help feeling guilty when it was on its way to be cleaned for dinner.

I also included a collection of clippings, paper and circles for her reply.

in my postbox...

Sarah may have set a record for the fastest overseas reply (in fact, she mentioned it was only three days!). I was surprised and delighted to see a sewn envelope with a nautical scene painted on one side and a small pocket with a bundle of paper ephemera on the other.

When I originally signed up for the orphaned postcard project I requested three postcards. In my first reply from Post Muse I learned that two of them had already found a home. After sending off my first card I requested two more which arrived this week. A Portage & Main city of Winnipeg card (my birth city) and a Brugge card.

Barbara has also found herself spending most of her spare time in the garden. To my benefit (and great delight) she found time to put together a wonderful package which, once again, spoiled me rotten. The envelope was decorated with a beautiful flower and inside I found a colourful collection of ephemera, stickers, paper, prints and stamps. Along with lettuce seeds, she also included a helpful clipping on how to keep those pesky cats from leaving 'deposits' in your garden. I had ungraciously announced that I hoped our neighbourhood cougars would eat our unwelcome feline visitor. These tips seem to be a much more humane approach.

Since my heart seems to be in the yard rather than the studio lately, perhaps I'll bring some elements of my garden into my next round of mail art replies.

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