Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Spreading the Love

When I started blogging a year ago, I had no real plan or agenda other than posting my work and writing a bit about it. I joined Twitter and a few online projects and slowly but surely some very meaningful friendships have formed. This past week I discovered I was nominated three times for two different awards. My heart swells knowing that the images and words I post on here are seen, read and enjoyed. Now it's time to spread the love to a few more deserving people!

Kimi as well as Belinda nominated me for a Liebster Award. Thank you, ladies!

According to a wee internet search, The Liebster Award is derived from the German word
meaning Beloved, Dearest or Favorite. My job is to thank the individuals who have nominated me with a link back to their site, then choose 3-5 fellow bloggers (who have a small group of followers) that I find motivating and inspirational. A comment on their blog lets them know they have been nominated.

One Plus One Stones Barbara is a teacher, gardener and artist. She's fairly new to blogging but has a started out with a solid base of posts about printmaking, drawing and gardening. I've been inspired by Barbara to share more pictures about my own garden and its transition from barren wasteland blank slate to blooms and vegetables.

Tea and Chickadees, Caren is batgirl a curator of the most amazing collections on Etsy. Her taste for unique and beautiful items is easily seen in her own vintage Etsy shop. She has a kind heart for all living creatures, including her own brood of furry babies, a passion for analog photography and a unique gift for finding the beauty in all the small details. Her blog is like the first day in spring when it is warm enough to enjoy your morning coffee or tea on your deck while peacefully listening to the birds chirp and the wind rustling through the trees.  

Chantal Vincent Art, Chantal is a mother and printmaker in Australia. Her linocut carvings are so wonderfully executed it makes you believe it was completely effortless. When she's not baking Darth Vader birthday cakes (!!!) for her children, she captures her love and admiration for her country on instagram. I recently accused her of working for the Australian tourism department because her pictures give me a strong desire to book plane tickets.

A Feather on the Beach, Carol is another kind soul with a soft spot for animals. A mother and artist who finds beauty in small and overlooked items and moments. Recently, she's been having a bit of trouble with her hand and has had to set aside her pens and brushes to rest and recuperate. She's never once sounded bitter or despondent. A reminder to take all obstacles in stride and focus on the positives.

Kelly nominated me for a Sunshine Award. This award is given to bloggers whose positivity and creativity inspires others. Eight questions are given to answer and you are asked to nominate five other amazing and inspiring bloggers. Thanks Kelly!!

Favourite colour
 I change my mind often on this subject but at the moment I like neon pink.

Favourite animal
 The bright red male cardinal.
Favourite non-alcoholic drink
Strong brewed coffee with a dash of 3% (homo) milk.
Facebook or twitter
Twitter, for the greater sense of community and sharing.
Getting or giving presents  
Giving something handmade and unexpected. 
Favourite flower
Just one??!  I have sweet memories of bright and perky morning glories in a variety of colours greeting me each morning.
Favourite pattern  
A tasteful and muted botanical print.  

Favourite number

My noinations are:

Kimi Kobashi One of the sweetest and kindest bloggers out there. I always imagine she is writing each tweet or post with a smile on her face.

Feather + Anchor A journal of the challenges and rewards of homesteading. Erin writes with honesty and love. I've used her bread recipe with perfect results each time. 

Oakmoss Another mother who writes with love and honesty with a desire for a pure and natural life. I adore her handmade soap and lip balm and was delighted to share it as Christmas gifts this year. 

Drawn From The Fire I jotted Belinda down for this nomination before finding out she nominated me for a Liebster award. It was meant to be! There is so much bright, happy colour throughout her blog that it feels like my virtual vitamin D. 

Fog and Swell An island artist, crafter and designer who naturally dyes her own fabric and creates the most amazing creatures. Reading her blog reminds me to love and care for the delicate eco-system around me.

Footnote: There were several people I would have liked to have nominated but I noticed that they had already received the award.

Monday, March 26, 2012

Mail Art Monday: Art Card and Flower Book

In their postbox...

Belinda's blog is full of bright, happy colours so she received a colourful collection of bits from me this week. Stickers, stamps, watercolour circles, a washi heart print, grasshopper mixed media, a roughrider clipping and a t-rex print were all packed inside a bright envelope.

She wrote a sweet blog post about my package but the mail art temptress also included what she is sending me... which I haven't received yet. It took all of my will power to avert my eyes. I like surprises so DON'T TELL ME what she's sending me. Ha!

Carol's last package to me included two amazing postcards and an artists trading card. I returned the favour by sending her two postcards from my stash and a watercolour and coloured pen card of a ship. A few odds and ends including some dog stickers, watercolour circles and bakers twine were in an origami paper envelope and a few art prints were also included.

Carol's hand has been out of commission for a while, which must be quite frustrating. I hope that she'll be feeling well soon so she can get back to creating art.

In my postbox...

Barbra sent me another garden inspired treat this week. The envelope had one of the fantastic Art stamps from Canada Post. Joe Fafard, one of my favourites! Inside, I found an amazing hand made envelope book with pictures of alleged deer-proof flowers. I only say alleged because the more research I do the more it seems that deer will eat anything, depending on their mood. The photos could be seen through the envelope pockets and she had delicately drawn on each one while also including the proper, Latin plant name. A clipping of an amazing  gardener's bench, a little Canadian Tire money and a 3D Van Gogh viewfinder were also tucked inside. A handmade bookmark was also included. It will be a nice change from the receipts I've been using as bookmarks.


Friday, March 23, 2012

LE Sketchbook: Maybe Tomorrow

Several hours of time difference means our schedules don't match and we may miss connecting for a few days.

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Wednesday, March 21, 2012

LE Sketchbook: MULU

The sign off note on all the texts or email messages my husband and I share while he is away. Miss You. Love You.

Hand carved stamps, gesso, watercolour pencil and ink.

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Monday, March 19, 2012

Mail Art Monday: The Queen and a Dragon

In my postbox...

A new mail art friend Sarah (@scjammycustard) sent my second see-through envelope containing:

- An envelope of secrets with a key.
- A pin, star, anchor button and a bee inside a comic envelope.
- Sweet reward stickers for my girls with a bracelt and an app card.
- A vintage picture of the Queen with rugby ephemera and a Jack Daniels swizzle stick.


Anna (@annajanesearle) received my handmade envelope with many goodies tucked inside:

- Four small prints of old and new work.
- Handmade stickers and a year of the dragon stamp cover inside a Canada Post bag.
- Nautical ephemera in a robot envelope.
- A NYC hardware shop postcard with a grasshopper print of mine.

I've been thinking of trimming the text on my mail art posts a bit. Feel free to give me an honest 'yey' or 'ney' in the comments.


Thursday, March 15, 2012

Mountains and Water

Watercolour and ink.

This past Christmas my husband gifted me with a travel-style watercolour sketchbook. The first image I created is a reflection of my surroundings. I had images in my mind of mountains, ocean as well as high and low tide. All of these are still a novelty to me, the prairie girl.


Monday, March 12, 2012

Mail Art Monday: A Happy Bee

Jessica's letter arrived in a see-through envelope revealing a very happy bumble bee notebook. The rest of the delightful contents included a fox pin, an oval map sticker, architecture and holographic Animorphs trading cards, map and garden clippings and a new hunk. I smell a hunk exchange underway. One of her bird business cards and a typed postcard were the last bits. It should be noted that Jessica's package arrived so quickly I almost think she popped it into the mail the moment my last reply arrived in her mailbox.

Jessica has a jewelry blowout sale happening until March 18th at her shop. I sent one of her feather necklaces as a Christmas gift and can highly recommend them. Hurry...

The incredibly generous Kye sent me a large package full of ships and a necklace! In our exchanges she always includes a little something for my girls and this time there was a small package full of neat bits for each of my daughters. They were delighted to have interesting little gifts for no reason at all. Kye's reply package will most definitely include some handmade kids art thank you cards.

Inside the brown paper package, which was adorned with a Green Lantern stamp, I discovered two ship postcards and a boat card, a full deck of boat playing cards, a necklace nestled in a seal pup box, stickers, postcards and a vintage clipping. A personal letter on her custom card revealed some struggles she is going through at the moment. I'll be sending positive vibes and healing thoughts in the coming weeks. I'm looking forward to Kye being back at 100% as soon as she can!

Speaking of jewelry and shops, Kye has her own Etsy shop chock-full of some unique creations.

... J

Friday, March 9, 2012

LE Sketchbook: Below


When he's on the airplane, I'm below the clouds while he's above. Watercolour and pen.

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Wednesday, March 7, 2012

LE Sketchbook: Above

When he's on the airplane he's above the clouds while I'm below. Watercolour and pen. When the paint was still wet I closed the book and pressed down so I'd achieve some unplanned texture.

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Monday, March 5, 2012

Mail Art Monday: Prints and Ephemera

This week saw three packages arrive to their new homes. Two in Canada and one in the UK.

Barbara received a handmade envelope with a map of British Columbia from an old atlas. Inside she found several prints of my recent work such as my washi paper sketches and a test print of my Coneflower silhouette. Since Barbara sent me original prints and a page from her sketchbook, I sent her several small prints of my college work and dug up some college sketchbook pieces. A few clippings of gardens and flowers as well as stickers and bits of ephemera rounded out my first reply.

Barbara wrote a lovely post about my package. I'm so happy to hear how much she enjoyed my envelopes inside of envelopes.

Catherine received a letter full of Canadian ephemera. She lives in the UK and I thought she might enjoy a Sooke postcard, Canadian stamps and a cover of a Parks Canada stamp set. I also included a few prints of my recent work as well as stickers and a card.

I've mentioned this before, but I love to send Rhya random bits of ephemera to see how she might use them in her journal. This time I filled a small handmade envelope with circle punches from scrap pieces of paper around my studio as well as a few stamps and an anchor punch. Inside a robot envelope (made from an IKEA catalogue page) I put several small prints of my washi paintings and some leftover embroidery floss. A print of a colourful sketchbook page and a clipping of a gorgeous tandem bike finished off the package.

Jessica received a varied assortment of prints and clippings inside another British Columbia atlas envelope. A few of my printmaking prints from college, a skull, polar bear, cougar, Roughrider, photography and 'young loaf' clipping were included along with stamps, a washi paper heart print and a bright postcard I received from Carol Whitley.

This week should see a few more packages arriving and I'll put the finishing touches on a few more.

... J

Friday, March 2, 2012

LE Sketchbook: Despite


Feelings written all over my face even though I'm in the middle of so much. Watercolour, ink and pencil. I haven't added the circle to this spread yet. I was thinking of using a one dollar coin to make a faint impression in the paper. Something subtle but permanent.

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