Monday, March 26, 2012

Mail Art Monday: Art Card and Flower Book

In their postbox...

Belinda's blog is full of bright, happy colours so she received a colourful collection of bits from me this week. Stickers, stamps, watercolour circles, a washi heart print, grasshopper mixed media, a roughrider clipping and a t-rex print were all packed inside a bright envelope.

She wrote a sweet blog post about my package but the mail art temptress also included what she is sending me... which I haven't received yet. It took all of my will power to avert my eyes. I like surprises so DON'T TELL ME what she's sending me. Ha!

Carol's last package to me included two amazing postcards and an artists trading card. I returned the favour by sending her two postcards from my stash and a watercolour and coloured pen card of a ship. A few odds and ends including some dog stickers, watercolour circles and bakers twine were in an origami paper envelope and a few art prints were also included.

Carol's hand has been out of commission for a while, which must be quite frustrating. I hope that she'll be feeling well soon so she can get back to creating art.

In my postbox...

Barbra sent me another garden inspired treat this week. The envelope had one of the fantastic Art stamps from Canada Post. Joe Fafard, one of my favourites! Inside, I found an amazing hand made envelope book with pictures of alleged deer-proof flowers. I only say alleged because the more research I do the more it seems that deer will eat anything, depending on their mood. The photos could be seen through the envelope pockets and she had delicately drawn on each one while also including the proper, Latin plant name. A clipping of an amazing  gardener's bench, a little Canadian Tire money and a 3D Van Gogh viewfinder were also tucked inside. A handmade bookmark was also included. It will be a nice change from the receipts I've been using as bookmarks.



  1. I agree with the word "alleged" -- my sister planted a bunch of daffs amongst tulips to protect the tulips, but the deer just picked around and ate the tulips anyway.

  2. Loved the heart and the rainbow dots (of course). I gave you a Liebster award:

  3. I have discovered this year that the daffodils are definitely left alone and in many yards the crocuses seem to have come and gone without being munched!

  4. Thank you so much Belinda!! I'm happy you liked my package and honoured you chose me for the Liebster award.

  5. I loved everything you sent me! I love circles so the watercolor ones were great. How did you make them? The ATC was so beautiful, too. Thanks for such sweet goodies!

  6. I'm so happy you liked it all. For the circles, I painted a large sheet of watercolour paper with a variety of shades, cut it into strips and used my craft punch. I'd like to use the circles for labels and tags.


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