Monday, March 12, 2012

Mail Art Monday: A Happy Bee

Jessica's letter arrived in a see-through envelope revealing a very happy bumble bee notebook. The rest of the delightful contents included a fox pin, an oval map sticker, architecture and holographic Animorphs trading cards, map and garden clippings and a new hunk. I smell a hunk exchange underway. One of her bird business cards and a typed postcard were the last bits. It should be noted that Jessica's package arrived so quickly I almost think she popped it into the mail the moment my last reply arrived in her mailbox.

Jessica has a jewelry blowout sale happening until March 18th at her shop. I sent one of her feather necklaces as a Christmas gift and can highly recommend them. Hurry...

The incredibly generous Kye sent me a large package full of ships and a necklace! In our exchanges she always includes a little something for my girls and this time there was a small package full of neat bits for each of my daughters. They were delighted to have interesting little gifts for no reason at all. Kye's reply package will most definitely include some handmade kids art thank you cards.

Inside the brown paper package, which was adorned with a Green Lantern stamp, I discovered two ship postcards and a boat card, a full deck of boat playing cards, a necklace nestled in a seal pup box, stickers, postcards and a vintage clipping. A personal letter on her custom card revealed some struggles she is going through at the moment. I'll be sending positive vibes and healing thoughts in the coming weeks. I'm looking forward to Kye being back at 100% as soon as she can!

Speaking of jewelry and shops, Kye has her own Etsy shop chock-full of some unique creations.

... J


  1. i replied 2 days after you wrote me. finding that bee notebook a week before was definitely helpful. I'm slowly getting closer and closer to being capable of replying the DAY i get stuff - makes it easier to stay on track and stay on top of things. I currently owe 6 people right now... Gunna try to finish up their replies before a new flood of letters arrive this week. thanks for all the kind words

  2. A see -through envelope! Cool idea! And those ship cards caught my eye, great designs.

  3. Wow, the variety of nautical themed cards are so pretty - from the lighthouse above to the ships below. Lots of nice things from two of my favorite artists to you. I wanted to also let you know I have given you a Liebster Award over on my blog. It was passed to me and I wanted to share it along to some of my favorite bloggers. :) Always enjoy stopping in over here!

  4. A hunk exchange-how increadibly great!
    I enjoyed putting things aside for you over time-I wish I could be Iike Jessica, but there is a reason she is the mail art Queen!
    I hope you'll enjoy Penny's artwork in the necklace-it's her mermaid design :) I have one of her necklaces & love wearing a bit of art about the town!

  5. I just read that you are fully caught up! Awesome!! Thanks again for the package. I'm thinking about your reply this week.

  6. The envelope WAS a cool idea. The happy bumble bee was the first thing to great me.

  7. Gosh... thank you so much, Kimi. I read the post and felt quite honoured by such kind words. I hope my Liebster Award post will make someone else feel as good. :-)

  8. I do love her necklace! My girls also love gazing at it and asking questions about who she is and what she's doing.


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