Thursday, March 15, 2012

Mountains and Water

Watercolour and ink.

This past Christmas my husband gifted me with a travel-style watercolour sketchbook. The first image I created is a reflection of my surroundings. I had images in my mind of mountains, ocean as well as high and low tide. All of these are still a novelty to me, the prairie girl.



  1. I love your use of line and pattern as well as the colour gradations of the watercolour in the mountain area. I think it has a fresh West Coast feel. : )
    I'd be interested to know if you find yourself working differently now that your geographic location has changed...

  2. This is seriously gorgeous! Love the colour you've used on the mountains, just lovely

  3. Wow, that's a fantastic question. I'll start with a bit of background before fully answering it. When I graduated from design school my first love had always been fine art. In between work or looking for jobs I initially kept painting and sketching each evening. As the years wore on I found myself working more and taking less time and then no time to work on painting and the like. When I would feel inspired I'd feel rusty and become easily frustrated with my outcome, quitting again until inspiration would strike. After choosing to stay at home I knew I wanted to pursue my art further and steadily.

    It's hard to say if geography has influenced how I work and what I draw or if it is a matter of taking more time to work on projects large and small. Now that we live on the island I find myself marveling at our proximity to the mountains, beaches, ocean and all the new-to-me creatures. I am also drawing and painting more and in the process trying to find my style and unique visual voice.

  4. Thank you, Emily!

  5. This is so lovely - the colours are beautiful!

  6. Thank you, Michelle!

  7. Love the colours on this one...very pretty


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