Thursday, November 29, 2012

Thursday's Collection

A very small peek at a handmade gift.

I had these potatoes at (Canadian) Thanksgiving and again this past weekend. Salty potatoes seasoned with rosemary that are soft and crunchy at the same time. I'm drooling a little right now.

We started decorating our house for the holidays last weekend. This is about my favourite handmade ornaments I place on my wreath each year.


This isn't a picture of Saskatchewan, but it is the exact image that pops into my head when I close my eyes and think of the prairie province.

"But those out-of-the-blue compliments that are so far removed from the way I'm feeling at that moment make me remember in a flash that not everyone sees the world through my eyes, that sometimes I need to not live in my own head so much." Indeed!  - Good Things



Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Doodling on Coffee Mugs

Painted Mug

Looks pretty good, right? Well, it almost turned out.

I found various links for Sharpie drawings on mugs or plates and gave it a try. Instead of using the regular markers, I used Sharpie Paint pens. They're oil-based and for some reason I thought it might work better than office-use pens. The mug lasted through the bake time to set the colour but didn't hold up with a light hand wash. After a gentle scrub there were scratch marks and it was apparent it would wash completely away in the dishwasher.

The marker investment won't be wasted. I'm currently using them for my nesting dolls. If anyone else plans on using this method for a gift, make sure it's on an item that won't get regular use. I think I'll put this slightly imperfect mug in my studio as a holder for my new pens.

I know showing a craft idea that didn't work out isn't a new thing. I think there are several other blogs dedicated to botched Pinterest & Martha Stewart crafts. I'm curious, though. Do you have a post or story to tell of a project gone awry? Did you keep trying until you got it right or give up?



Thursday, November 22, 2012

Thursday's Collection


The picture above was taken on one of my last walks in September along Whiffin Spit. Once the fog lifted, the air was warm and the view was gorgeous. It reminds me that we will have sun again for longer than five minutes.

This fellow has some of the most beautiful pictures of my area I've ever seen.

Last week I used this recipe to make some un-bread sticks. It had a 75% approval rating, with the 2-year-old giving it a thumbs down.

The perfect project for a rainy fall day (which is every day here, lately).

This pillow would fit right into my decor, and vocabulary.



Thursday, November 15, 2012

Thursday's Collection

Autumn Gradient

One of my favourite features of the blogs I read most often is the weekly link roundup. I thought I'd give it a try here so you can see a little bit more of what I'm doing, reading, & making. These are the things that caught my attention over the last little while.

The above photo was taken on a walk down to the creek behind our house. Thankfully, we didn't spot any bears this time but we did see chum swimming. A different creek, but the experience looked exactly like this video.

Last month I made these pumpkin pancakes several times. I omitted the chocolate chips and blueberries and used my own pumpkin puree. They were happily devoured by two picky kidlets and one easy-to-please husband.


There's beauty in the colour of frozen.

One of my new guilty pleasures. Brings back a few memories.



Monday, November 12, 2012

Mail Art Monday: Autumn Edition

Did September and October run past you as well? Mine ran past in a screaming blur of school, birthday parties and yard work. Here's what's been arriving in my postbox over the last few months.

In my postbox...

Dana also returned to mail art with a lovely Bert's Bees envelope stuffed full of nautical inspired goodies as well as items with watercolour washes. I am completely smitten with her recent photos of the Praying Mantis on her Echinacea. Aren't they amazing?!

Sarah has a knack for making small envelopes full of interesting ephemera. Her Daffodil drawing was an instant hit for me and the Aurora stickers were quickly confiscated by a certain princess obsessed wee little.

I was in a state of serious Olympic withdrawal when Jill's delightful package arrived and satisfied my British cravings. We are a Lego obsessed house and Jill sent us a Mr Bob Lego. Now I just have to think of an interesting photo shoot for this little guy.

Jessica continued our postcard exchange with an island predator scene. An interesting selection of new material for my turn was included along with some cool stickers and a clipping about my town.

I have several packages on their way to my friends and I'm putting the final touches on a couple more.  The next mail art post should be all about the happy mailboxes across the country and across the ocean.



Wednesday, November 7, 2012


Unpainted Matryoshka

Well, it certainly has been a while since my last post. Where have I been? What have I been doing?

Since late this summer I have been exercising vigorously and consistently five days a week. Aerobics progressed to strength training and then running. I have caught the running bug that always seemed to elude me in the past. I started off in the evenings when the kids were tucked into bed. Once school started for my oldest child, I exercised in the afternoon which eliminated my studio time. When evening rolls around after homework, snacks, meals and cleaning, I am worn out and can only muster a few pages of a book or a TV show. I usually fall asleep during both of those activities, too.

There was also a subtle shift that happened in the summer where I began viewing this blog as a chore. One that took me away from the garden, fresh air or my other activities. I know myself well enough to know that if something feels like a chore it's time to step back and take a break.

Several months have passed without any significant time on here or in my studio and I do finally miss it. This weekend I spent my extra hour (due to daylight savings time) in my studio cleaning, organizing and purging. I discovered a few items and supplies I had purchased years ago and never got around to working with. Starting this week I am spending more time in the studio and I'm working on some of these forgotten projects. I have a set of Matryoshka dolls that I am prepping for painting, a family Christmas card to design, several mail art replies and an acrylic painting that I may or may not repaint.

Am I alone here? Do you ever walk away from your art or design to renew your creativity or do you create until you feel renewed? Thank you for waiting patiently. I hope you'll enjoy the posts and projects on here in the next little while.


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