Monday, November 12, 2012

Mail Art Monday: Autumn Edition

Did September and October run past you as well? Mine ran past in a screaming blur of school, birthday parties and yard work. Here's what's been arriving in my postbox over the last few months.

In my postbox...

Dana also returned to mail art with a lovely Bert's Bees envelope stuffed full of nautical inspired goodies as well as items with watercolour washes. I am completely smitten with her recent photos of the Praying Mantis on her Echinacea. Aren't they amazing?!

Sarah has a knack for making small envelopes full of interesting ephemera. Her Daffodil drawing was an instant hit for me and the Aurora stickers were quickly confiscated by a certain princess obsessed wee little.

I was in a state of serious Olympic withdrawal when Jill's delightful package arrived and satisfied my British cravings. We are a Lego obsessed house and Jill sent us a Mr Bob Lego. Now I just have to think of an interesting photo shoot for this little guy.

Jessica continued our postcard exchange with an island predator scene. An interesting selection of new material for my turn was included along with some cool stickers and a clipping about my town.

I have several packages on their way to my friends and I'm putting the final touches on a couple more.  The next mail art post should be all about the happy mailboxes across the country and across the ocean.




  1. Nice to see you posting more often Jeannine! I too have been behind on chronicling and replying to mail art... as much as I love the hobby I also find that time gets away from me, and I have to prioritize business and housework over snail mail. Hoping to do a binge mail-art-ing come mid-December. Hope time isn't still slipping through your hands too fast

  2. Some great treats in there Jeannine, but the Lego has to top it all! Can't wait to see what Mr. Bob gets up to ;) x

  3. Thanks, Jessica! It's a delicate balance, isn't it? Trying to keep something fun and ensuring it doesn't turn into a chore or obligation.

  4. Thanks, Sarah. He is pretty, neat!


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