Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Doodling on Coffee Mugs

Painted Mug

Looks pretty good, right? Well, it almost turned out.

I found various links for Sharpie drawings on mugs or plates and gave it a try. Instead of using the regular markers, I used Sharpie Paint pens. They're oil-based and for some reason I thought it might work better than office-use pens. The mug lasted through the bake time to set the colour but didn't hold up with a light hand wash. After a gentle scrub there were scratch marks and it was apparent it would wash completely away in the dishwasher.

The marker investment won't be wasted. I'm currently using them for my nesting dolls. If anyone else plans on using this method for a gift, make sure it's on an item that won't get regular use. I think I'll put this slightly imperfect mug in my studio as a holder for my new pens.

I know showing a craft idea that didn't work out isn't a new thing. I think there are several other blogs dedicated to botched Pinterest & Martha Stewart crafts. I'm curious, though. Do you have a post or story to tell of a project gone awry? Did you keep trying until you got it right or give up?




  1. Have you checked out pebeo porcelaine products? They have paint and pens that are intended for drawing on ceramics, so the final result might hold up a little better. I haven't actually tried them myself, but I was intrigued when I read about them!

  2. I heard about those markers after a little searching when the Sharpie suggestion didn't work. They weren't at my local Michael's and the nearest (well stocked) art store is quite a drive away. I'll either buy a few in my next online order or make a trip.

  3. cool. i'd be interested to know how they work for you/compare to the sharpie pens!


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