Monday, November 29, 2010

That Mouse is Gangsta

I've been following the adventures and struggles of someone's mouse-catching story on Facebook. It seems to have followed the average arc of soap opera-style drama.

- A discovery was made
- The matriarch was informed and a plan was hatched
- Through trial and error the perpetrator was caught and vengeance was had

In all honesty this person handled the critter spotting and catching with a lot more humour and grace than I would have. I have a real thing for bugs or critters in my house. That thing being 'nearly loose my sh*t and call hubs to take care of said problem'.

Throughout the status updates I always imagined this really tough mouse that was too smart for the average trap or was organizing the troops with distractions. This mouse was truly Gangsta.
Watercolour & Ink.

Thursday, November 11, 2010

Filling up the Sketchbook

The Facebook section has dominated my sketchbook. It's been the easiest section when it comes to generating ideas. Makes sense, I suppose. There's a constant stream of new material and all I have to do is find, edit and then draw.

BFN!! Watercolour & Ink.

This is actually the Facebook post that started it all. No idea what the reason was for this person to post this message and it got me thinking and theorizing and I kept picturing a door being slammed and the sound of feet stomping up the stairs. It helps that the post was written in ALL CAPS. Yelling too, it seems.

Really wish I could have magically switched places with this person for the evening. Instead I decided to drink wine and paint. Watercolour & Ink.

I am not a fan of brussel sprouts. I have called them mini farts, so when I saw this post, I knew the brussel sprouts had to be accusing each other of letting one rip. Watercolour & Ink.

Monday, November 8, 2010

Zombies, anyone?

What mom can't relate to feeling like a zombie some days? This was a facebook post (from a mom) and I can relate. I put my own perspective on this illustration by adding two little jumping silly bean kids, so alive and raring to go in the morning. My mom-zombie (mombie, perhaps?) feeling was driven home more clearly by the recent time change.

Speaking of zombies... I am becoming obsessed. The new series The Walking Dead on AMC is my new Sunday night indulgence, now that Mad Men is over for another season. Have you seen it? Do you love it?? If you're joining my obsession, there is a great essay on this series and comparative zombie analysis on Cinesnark's blog. Enough with the vampires already, let's talk about zombies!

Watercolour and Ink... and sleep deprivation.

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Washing & Brushing

I love these two observation and confession updates. The sharing of information in Facebook statuses can be cathartic, funny and TMI. The stranger the better for my illustrations.

No matter how often Larry scrubbed and dried, he was still covered in a slimy film. Watercolour & Ink.

Squeaky clean and minty fresh. Watercolour & Ink.
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