Monday, January 31, 2011

Awful, Awful Sprouts

One of more odd pages of my Sketchbook Project was about farting brussel sprouts. I know, I'm a classy lady. The other evening while I was figuring out what to serve for vegetables, brussel sprouts popped into my head and all I could think was that they are AWFUL. Truly, truly awful. But why are they awful, you ask? Well, other than tasting hideously, they also meangirl each other which is just unforgivable, really.

Pen and Crayola Marker. I'm stealing my kids supplies.

Friday, January 28, 2011

Friday Love: Oakmoss

I stumbled upon Oakmoss when she was a featured seller on Etsy this past September. She described herself as being shy when it comes to marketing herself and I instantly connected. Since reading her short interview I've been following her blog and adding a few of her items to my Etsy favs.

Peace Blend Perfume Oil. "I created this blend in honor of this time of year; the season of harvest, the season of celebration, of autumn and winter, the season of Peace, the season of gratitude and bounty."

The more I visit her blog and shop the more I fall in love with her aesthetic sense. Her pictures have a beautiful colour scheme with soft, natural light. There is careful consideration of layout and composition and her focus on the beauty of natural objects is inspiring.


Finding and sharing gems like this site are one of the many reasons I'm grateful for the internet.

All photos are © Oakmoss 
A very special thank you to Oakmoss, who when I contacted her to ask for permission to write about her and use her images, was as kind and gracious as I imagined.


Monday, January 24, 2011

Sketchbook Project 2011 Album

I finished her up shortly before Christmas because I knew the craziness of the holidays plus the house and moving situation wasn't going to make it easy for me to finish up right around the deadline of mid-January. She was safely packaged up, nestled between some bubble wrap and is *hopefully* in her new home in Brooklyn.

I've posted all of the pages on Picassa while I wait for her scans on the ArtHouse site.

The entire process has been so incredibly rewarding. It was a creative outlet for me when I was feeling as though I was in a rut and I have met some really lovely people who were also participating. I will absolutely do this again next year and can't recommend it enough.


Friday, January 21, 2011

It's Friday, I'm in Love

I'm going to start a new, weekly post series called Friday Love. Just like The Cure Song that often pops into my head and stays for days at a time, these posts will showcase what I'm currently loving to pieces.

Let's start this series with a book I just purchased. Water Paper Paint by Heather Smith Jones. I discovered Heather via OakMoss (also lovely and coming up in another Friday Love). Since I am getting back into watercolour painting and loving it so much, this book seemed like a great investment. I'm a very tactile person and so when I opened the cardboard package to find that the book cover feels like lush, heavy watercolour paper I was an instant fangirl. The pictures and examples are beautiful, and the instructions are simple and straightforward. I'm looking forward to digging out my paints and experimenting with some new techniques. 

Monday, January 17, 2011

Lovely You

As my oldest child gets older it amazes me how her little brain works. It feels as though ideas just start to click in her head and suddenly we can carry on a decent conversation. Every so often I jot down some of her 3-year-old thoughts. I liked this one in particular so I put it into my sketchbook and played around with some of her markers.

Pen & Crayola Marker. Yes that's right, Crayola.


Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Type Tests

My husband noticed how much I enjoyed working on my Sketchbook Project and so, for Christmas, gave me a Pentalic sketchbook. It's close to the same size, but bound with a hardcover. The paper is very similar so I know I'll be able to work with some light watercolour, certain markers and a few of my pens. Most of my art supplies are packed and won't be used again until March. That's a long time to take a break from drawing and sketching now that I'm getting back into a groove. Since the sketchbook is small, I think I'll take it with me while we're in the process of moving. A pen, pencil, eraser and perhaps a few markers should tide me over.

Some of the first pages I filled in are type tests. When I was working on the Arthouse Sketchbook I found that I tended to use a few letter styles most often. I redrew them in the Pentalic as a reference and an exercise.

Thursday, January 6, 2011

Comfort Food

January's Etsy Treasury List is somewhat biographical. My mother has always made her own bread from scratch. There are pictures of me sleeping in the snuggli on my mother's chest while she kneads the dough. As I grew my memories are of the process and the smell, oh the smell!! Is there any smell greater in this world than freshly baked bread? Some of my fonder memories are of helping and learning that my grandmother also made bread the same way and that kneading and punching the dough is a great stress relief. I also remember learning about yeast and wanting to have my own pet yeast in my room. (Hmm, would we call that Sea Monkeys, perhaps?)

When I feel the need to eat to smooth over a bad situation or mental state my number one comfort food is always bread. A slice fresh from the oven with melted butter will make EVERYTHING better.

This treasury was a joy to make and there are some really cute items and talented artisans on here. Check out their shops.


Monday, January 3, 2011

A New Year and Several Bullet Points Later

Happy New Year! I hope you had a good holiday and the new year brings you a feeling of eager anticipation for all the great things you're planning on doing. I don't know if I'd call them resolutions, as such, but I do try to set goals for the year. Both personally and professionally I have little running lists of what I'd like to accomplish.

On the personal side a few I'll share are:
  • Survive our move across the country.
  • Cut down on TV time for the kids.
  • Divorce myself from a couple of the truly awful TV shows I watch. (If I'm embarrassed to admit what they are, I really shouldn't be watching them.)
  • Consistent exercise. I feel so much better when I go for a long walk or hit the treadmill. Now that the kids are older and we're moving to a much warmer climate it will be harder to come up with excuses.


  • Write 1-2x per week on this blog.
  • Sketch, create and explore using all the interesting supplies I have which include paints, printmaking and ink. 
  • Conduct all the research I can to open my Etsy shop in 2012. If I can accomplish this sooner that would be great. The more important thing to me is to do it properly and with products I am proud of so I think this year will be one of exploration, research and gathering.

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