Thursday, January 6, 2011

Comfort Food

January's Etsy Treasury List is somewhat biographical. My mother has always made her own bread from scratch. There are pictures of me sleeping in the snuggli on my mother's chest while she kneads the dough. As I grew my memories are of the process and the smell, oh the smell!! Is there any smell greater in this world than freshly baked bread? Some of my fonder memories are of helping and learning that my grandmother also made bread the same way and that kneading and punching the dough is a great stress relief. I also remember learning about yeast and wanting to have my own pet yeast in my room. (Hmm, would we call that Sea Monkeys, perhaps?)

When I feel the need to eat to smooth over a bad situation or mental state my number one comfort food is always bread. A slice fresh from the oven with melted butter will make EVERYTHING better.

This treasury was a joy to make and there are some really cute items and talented artisans on here. Check out their shops.


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