Monday, November 29, 2010

That Mouse is Gangsta

I've been following the adventures and struggles of someone's mouse-catching story on Facebook. It seems to have followed the average arc of soap opera-style drama.

- A discovery was made
- The matriarch was informed and a plan was hatched
- Through trial and error the perpetrator was caught and vengeance was had

In all honesty this person handled the critter spotting and catching with a lot more humour and grace than I would have. I have a real thing for bugs or critters in my house. That thing being 'nearly loose my sh*t and call hubs to take care of said problem'.

Throughout the status updates I always imagined this really tough mouse that was too smart for the average trap or was organizing the troops with distractions. This mouse was truly Gangsta.
Watercolour & Ink.

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