Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Spreading the Love

When I started blogging a year ago, I had no real plan or agenda other than posting my work and writing a bit about it. I joined Twitter and a few online projects and slowly but surely some very meaningful friendships have formed. This past week I discovered I was nominated three times for two different awards. My heart swells knowing that the images and words I post on here are seen, read and enjoyed. Now it's time to spread the love to a few more deserving people!

Kimi as well as Belinda nominated me for a Liebster Award. Thank you, ladies!

According to a wee internet search, The Liebster Award is derived from the German word
meaning Beloved, Dearest or Favorite. My job is to thank the individuals who have nominated me with a link back to their site, then choose 3-5 fellow bloggers (who have a small group of followers) that I find motivating and inspirational. A comment on their blog lets them know they have been nominated.

One Plus One Stones Barbara is a teacher, gardener and artist. She's fairly new to blogging but has a started out with a solid base of posts about printmaking, drawing and gardening. I've been inspired by Barbara to share more pictures about my own garden and its transition from barren wasteland blank slate to blooms and vegetables.

Tea and Chickadees, Caren is batgirl a curator of the most amazing collections on Etsy. Her taste for unique and beautiful items is easily seen in her own vintage Etsy shop. She has a kind heart for all living creatures, including her own brood of furry babies, a passion for analog photography and a unique gift for finding the beauty in all the small details. Her blog is like the first day in spring when it is warm enough to enjoy your morning coffee or tea on your deck while peacefully listening to the birds chirp and the wind rustling through the trees.  

Chantal Vincent Art, Chantal is a mother and printmaker in Australia. Her linocut carvings are so wonderfully executed it makes you believe it was completely effortless. When she's not baking Darth Vader birthday cakes (!!!) for her children, she captures her love and admiration for her country on instagram. I recently accused her of working for the Australian tourism department because her pictures give me a strong desire to book plane tickets.

A Feather on the Beach, Carol is another kind soul with a soft spot for animals. A mother and artist who finds beauty in small and overlooked items and moments. Recently, she's been having a bit of trouble with her hand and has had to set aside her pens and brushes to rest and recuperate. She's never once sounded bitter or despondent. A reminder to take all obstacles in stride and focus on the positives.

Kelly nominated me for a Sunshine Award. This award is given to bloggers whose positivity and creativity inspires others. Eight questions are given to answer and you are asked to nominate five other amazing and inspiring bloggers. Thanks Kelly!!

Favourite colour
 I change my mind often on this subject but at the moment I like neon pink.

Favourite animal
 The bright red male cardinal.
Favourite non-alcoholic drink
Strong brewed coffee with a dash of 3% (homo) milk.
Facebook or twitter
Twitter, for the greater sense of community and sharing.
Getting or giving presents  
Giving something handmade and unexpected. 
Favourite flower
Just one??!  I have sweet memories of bright and perky morning glories in a variety of colours greeting me each morning.
Favourite pattern  
A tasteful and muted botanical print.  

Favourite number

My noinations are:

Kimi Kobashi One of the sweetest and kindest bloggers out there. I always imagine she is writing each tweet or post with a smile on her face.

Feather + Anchor A journal of the challenges and rewards of homesteading. Erin writes with honesty and love. I've used her bread recipe with perfect results each time. 

Oakmoss Another mother who writes with love and honesty with a desire for a pure and natural life. I adore her handmade soap and lip balm and was delighted to share it as Christmas gifts this year. 

Drawn From The Fire I jotted Belinda down for this nomination before finding out she nominated me for a Liebster award. It was meant to be! There is so much bright, happy colour throughout her blog that it feels like my virtual vitamin D. 

Fog and Swell An island artist, crafter and designer who naturally dyes her own fabric and creates the most amazing creatures. Reading her blog reminds me to love and care for the delicate eco-system around me.

Footnote: There were several people I would have liked to have nominated but I noticed that they had already received the award.


  1. Thanks again for your kindness -- it spurred me on to a productive day of gardening and drawing.

  2. Thanks so much for your sweet comment Jeannine. I really enjoy sharing with you and seeing your wonderful illustrations.

  3. You deserve the awards Miss Jeannine your work is truly amazing and should be shared.

  4. Thank you so much, Jeannine. I am so touched by your kind words and nomination. My little blog is new and you have given me encouragement to make it so much better.

  5. Awe, you're very welcome. I often feel the same way. Sometimes a good email/comment/tweet is the best to get me motivated to do something on my list.

  6. You're welcome, Chantal!!

  7. My words were well deserved, Carol! Hugs!!

  8. Thank you for the Sunshine Award, Jeannine! What a good feeling to know my words can inspire others. :) I feel the way you describe at the start of this post, as I too did not expect all the great friendships that are gradually coming my way as a result of blogging and tweeting. You are right that I usually do so with a smile ~ especially since all my wonderful friends usually give me funny, insightful and encouraging replies in return. I shall enjoy choosing five inspirational people to pass the award on to. I'm definitely having fun checking out the blogs of those you have nominated. A wonderful post!

  9. This was a fun post! I love discovering new artists & bloggers, and you've included so many here! Off to visit blogs... :)

  10. P.S. I just noticed your logo. Is it new? I really like it!

  11. You're very welcome, Kimi. I love introducing my favourite blogs to others. Enjoy!

  12. Thanks! I'm glad you enjoyed my post and get a chance to visit the blogs I love.


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