Monday, April 2, 2012

Mail Art Monday: Chickens and Vintage Paper

I had two outstanding packages that I have a hunch have arrived but don't know for certain. I'm taking a chance and posting about them this week. Apologies if they are a spoiler.

In their postbox...

Jill sent me an original painting of a chicken so I returned the favour with a clipping I found in National Geographic. Along with the clipping, I included a vintage camera picture with  many circles snapshots. A silhouette postcard, a grasshopper print as well as a local postcard were tucked inside a handmade number envelope. A pile of star stickers and a few pieces of washi paper finished off the package. Jill had sent me some lovely handmade watercolour paper and so I sent her some of the washi paper I've been using lately. I've used her paper for a 4x6 exchange, which I'll be sharing soon.

Jessica recently moved from Australia to America and I'm hoping my package arrived before the trek. Inside the shell envelope I included a sailboat watercolour print, many bits of paper ephemera and a few stamps.

In my postbox...

Belinda's package arrived in another beautiful see-through envelope. A letter was written on vintage onion paper. A slight diversion, if you will. She mentioned that the paper was from the 80s and I, being born in the late 70s and a child of the 80s, have a hard time reconciling that 80s items are considered vintage. That means I'M VINTAGE!! Anyhoo... focus, Jeannine! Belinda's love of colour was apparent in each item she selected. It was a cloudy day when this arrived and my spirits were lifted to see so much happy, bright colours grouped together.

I have put aside my mail art making for the last few weeks in order to concentrate on finishing up my Arthouse Limited Edition Sketchbook. I also signed up for the Map Project. Both are due to mail by the end of April and neither are done. In fact, one isn't even started. Eeps! I should be able to squeeze in a week of mail art before I panic over arthouse... maybe.



  1. I'm glad I'm not the only one to finish their Sketchbook Project books I am trying to finish this weekend, good luck with yours too.

  2. Thanks, Kelly! I mentioned it on Twitter and it sounds like several others are in the same boat. Procrastinators unite!

  3. I love the way you share your mail-art adventures :-) I'm sorry to say I am a million years behind as my Dad is very sick so I'm really behind on everything else. x

  4. Don't even worry about mail art right now. Family comes first!! Take care of your Dad and yourself. Hugs.


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