Monday, April 16, 2012

Mail Art Monday: Changes and Bowl Cuts

After a nice, but exhausting Easter long weekend I took a small break in my mail art posts. I'm back to normal today with a couple of great packages.

In their postbox...

I was inspired by a postcard Jessica created and decided to change our mail art exchange. I gathered a collection of odds and ends and wrote a short list of rules. A 5x7 card of any material is sent along with a selection of goodies. We are allowed 3 extras of any sort but glue is a freebie. We will send the finished postcard as well as another collection of bits back.

It turns out that this past week marked the first full year that Jessica and I have been exchanging mail art. How appropriate that on this week I change our correspondence! Perhaps we'll keep this theme for a year.

In my postbox...

Emily replied to my 'hugging' skunk envelope with a sweet kissing fish package. Inside I found a eclectic array of paper ephemera. A hello fishie card greeting me while the bright blue puff fell on my toes as I opened the envelope. I giggled at the 80s haircut (one that I may have had in my youth) in the teeth brushing picture and gazed at the moments captured in the night sky picture and dinosaur costume postcard.

One of my favourite things about mail art exchanges is seeing the paper different types of paper ephemera. Old book pages, new-to-me magazine clippings, packaging, etc. If you exchange mail art, what's your favourite part?


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