Monday, April 11, 2011


The blooming tree just outside my studio window has reached its peak and will now slowly start to shed its blooms. We will likely be trying to dig up and move our tree this summer as it was planted far too close to the house. It's already outgrowing the space and I fear its roots will start to reach our foundation soon. I am not optimistic that our relocation project will be a success, so I'm savouring its beauty this spring.

They seemed to open in an explosion overnight a few weeks ago and were tough enough to withstand a few frosty mornings. I crept outside a few times while the kidlets were occupied to snap a few pictures.

The buds start out pink and then open as white with the most delicate shade of pink. Against a very blue sunny sky (which is not very common here) the tree is truly stunning.

While there wasn't a strong scent for me, it attracted the entire area's bee population!! I could hear them buzzing from inside my house one morning and took this little video. Excuse my neighbour's car, I'm too lazy to edit the short video. The buzzing you hear is ALL BEES and not static.


  1. Great Video..I did that exact same thing and posted on Tumblr...but you got the sound wayyy better...isn't it amazing!?

  2. So awesome for a bee lover like yourself to have this happen!!! Plus those pretty flowers could serve as inspiration for your next digital watercolor silhouette :D


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