Thursday, August 19, 2010

Summer sketchbook

Before receiving my sketchbook I pondered my theme (It Must Be...). When I received the book I was anxious to get started but also felt like I should plan it out first. I started toying with the idea that I should plan out each page and create sections dedicated to themes. This over-thinking and over-planning lead to some creative block. In the end I decided to let it be what it is. It's a sketchbook and I have always viewed sketchbooks as a random collection of thoughts and ideas.

I am in the throws of completing a couple of pages every few days. When I think of a theme, or what 'must be', I create as many illustrations as I can think of under that theme until it stalls, then I move on. Here are a couple of pages from my It Must Be Summer section.

I made a vow that I would not purchase any new materials for this project. Anything that goes into this sketchbook is supplied from the vast amount of bits and bots I have in my collection. I recently forgot my vow and bought some more water colour paint. I rationalized this by noting that I had tossed a load of old, hardened paint and my collection was severely dwindled. Let's be honest though, I could rationalized just about anything. So far the materials I've used are: water colour, pencil, sharpie, pen, markers origami paper and scraps of magazines.

I am getting back into water colour painting and loving it. I think the majority of this sketchbook is going to be in water colour and I'll be going back into it with a fine-tip pen. I'll post more pages as I finish them, probably in no particular order.

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  1. I love the summer sketchbook. I really love the pic of Syd. Such talent!!


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