Monday, February 28, 2011

The West Coast

We are on our way to our new home in Western Canada. Coming up to this day we have been doing a lot of talking about the West Coast. Who is there, what it looks like, what's in our neighbourhood, what activities we can do as a family. The more pictures I see, the more excited I become for life out there.

While it is cold in Ontario and there is a lot of snow on the ground I am reminded of the kind of winters we will now have in BC. I may become nostalgic for snow and icicles, sledding and snowshoeing but after 30+ years of it I am ready to embrace a wet and green winter.


  1. Thanks! It's an appropriate design for this week (but perhaps always) as there's plenty of rain. Not complaining, though. It's better than heaps of snow and cold.

  2. This is so gorgeous. It matches the weather we are having here in Canberra Australia so perfectly too, I love it!


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