Monday, December 26, 2011

Mail Art Monday: Nautical and Watercolour

Like early Christmas presents a couple of mail art packages arrived in my postbox this past week. They have me excited to resume my correspondence in the new year.

Sumi Senthi sent me another brown paper package, tied up with string. Any mail art that causes me to sing is a sign of something great inside. Sumi gifted me with many nautical themed items such as a print of a ship illustration on canvas, nautical stamps, a charm and button, an octopus sketch from her journal, a 'ship' dictionary page, a 'nautical' dictionary button, and bows. There was also a beautiful swallow illustration, a map mini envelope, music and book pages as well as a skull picture. The details in mail art packages are often the most delightful and I was thoroughly impressed by the 'S' wax seal and the gorgeous flower and bug stamps.

I wasn't expecting a package from Jessica Mack but was delightfully surprised when it arrived. Inside was a number sticker set, a red bookmark an original watercolour, two interesting pieces of ephemera and a Christmas penguin tag. Jessica mentioned a future move from Australia to the USA! If Australia is losing an Aussie, I wonder if they'd accept four Canucks? Tradesies?

If you're interested in exchanging mail art in the new year, send me an email at saylormade at gmail or send me a message on twitter.

... J


  1. That ship and sea package from Sumi is Bloody fantastic. I am rather jealous ;)


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