Sunday, December 11, 2011

Mail Art Monday: Pine Cone Stamps and Custom Stickers

I haven't had a Mail Art Monday post in several weeks. I took a brief break to catch up on the Sketchbook Project and prepare for the holidays. I found myself in a creative slump with my sketchbook so I decided to catch up on my mail art. Three out of the four packages I send arrived this past week.

Katie Whittington (As Petals Fall) received my pine cone Christmas card as well as a flower and lure watercolour print, a Vermeer postcard (she looks like she's reading her mail) a bookmark, handmade stickers and a button swap all tucked inside an envelope with cute little mice.

Anna Jane Searle (Annarack) received a wealth of items in her spider legs handmade envelope. Two constellation bookmarks made from scraps of astronomy magazines with silver star stickers, a dinosaur and boat watercolour print, a frog stamp and a whale clipping the latter I really wanted to keep for myself, various stickers including a set of handmade, a letter, part of the stained glass stamp pack and my pine cone Christmas card. I love the map background she used as a backdrop for her photos of my mail art. Take a peek.

Kye Sangha (Whimsical Beast) opened her handmade owl envelope to find a thank you card from my daughter. It might look a little peculiar, but it is "two eyes and a nose" according to my wee little. I'm on a bookmark kick as off late. Kye also received a couple of bookmarks decorated with triangles from origami paper. There was also a flower watercolour print, a printout of a digital piece of a building in Montreal that I turned into a painting years ago, my Christmas card, a piece of the stained glass stamp pack and a few stamps tucked into a mini envelope. Kye's been incredibly busy lately, building her Etsy shop. I've been admiring all the hard work she's been putting in but also missing our inane twitter chats. Maybe after the holidays we'll pick that up again.

This last batch of mail art sparked a few ideas. I enoyed making the bookmarks and especially the ones from triangles of origami paper. As well, the handmade stickers were a lot of fun. Both of which I will continue pursuing and improving upon. 

My pine cone stamped Christmas card also arrived at a number of postboxes this week but many are still on the way. I will write a separate post about them next week as well as my family's stamp portrait Christmas cards.

... J


  1. Aw beautiful stuff. Those mice are so cute! x

  2. I was super duper happy when I received my my package from you, though I have to say the spider scared me ;) ahhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!! ha ha. I also love what the other girls got too, especially their bookmarks :)

  3. Thanks Anna! I think that's an item I'll keep working with and see where it takes me.

  4. I just loved my package! It was such a treat & I can't wait to surprise you next :) I miss twitter & all my friends on it--I hope to get back in the swing of things soon!

  5. I miss you too! It's been a busy holiday season for many, myself included. While I have many projects and to do's for the new year, I'm hoping to routinely chat with my twitter friends more often.

  6. Glad to read this post, I really like the pictures of custom stickers in you blog. You have a very unique collection of custom stickers. Thanks for this great post.

  7. You're very welcome. Thanks for the kind words.


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