Monday, July 2, 2012

Mail Art Monday: Swaps and Space

The lazy days of summer have officially begun around here. With the end of school, we find ourselves moving through our days at a slower pace and not realizing we're still in our pajamas at 2pm. My list of mail art replies is growing, so I will have to carve out a little bit of time away from my garden and back in the studio.

In their postbox...

Emily received a few more of my origami envelopes full of stamps, prints clippings and punches.

Kelly put on a paper swap recently and I put together a package for Jodi full of postcards and bits of paper from my studio all nestled inside a sea otter envelope.

In my postbox...

Belinda's package arrived with a piece of art from her son (with a note that he is charging $0.20), stickers and a collaborative piece. I'm to draw on the watercolour image and send it back. I think I'll nick that idea and send one back in my next reply.

Jessica's adorable change of address postcard arrived from sunny California.

Jodi's package to me for Kelly's swap was stuffed full of of wonderful bits of paper, stickers and stamps.

Sumi's sea and space themed package was a delight! The ship illustration on the magazine is stunning and the old watch faces are intriguing. The best bit was the 3D paper with glasses!



  1. What a cute otter!! I'm glad you like the package. I really love the moon face picture from Jodie. Do you know who it's by?

  2. No I don't, sorry. I took another peek at it and there isn't any indication of it's origin. Maybe you could leave a comment on Jodi's webpage and ask her. I linked to it from my post.

  3. Love the watercolor!

    I'm hosting a contest in July and August. Winners get shinny stickers.

  4. Thank you, Lisa.

  5. Hi Sumi! I can answer that :) The moon face picture is from a little ACEO card calendar I got a few years ago from 'Danita Art': Love her work!

  6. Beautiful! Thank you!! It reminds me of Moonface from The Faraway Tree by Enid Blyton.

  7. I'm happy you were able to find out the artist! Yay internet!


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