Monday, August 20, 2012

Mail Art Monday: Summer Edition

I looked back on my last post and could barely believe that well over a month has past since I last wrote about mail art. What can I say other than the lure of warm weather and time spent in my garden or around beaches took me far away from my computer most days.

In their postbox...

Jill had sent me a few pieces from her side of the ocean and so I sent her pieces of my garden in return. I also tucked in a few pictures from my region along with paper a postcard and a few more lovely chickens.

Sarah received a few photos from my visits (or time living in) BC, Nova Scotia & Ontario along with a few Canadian stamps. A petal from my garden, watercolour pieces and handmade stickers were tucked inside with a local postcard.

I returned Belinda's watercolour card with my fish drawings. The white circles reminded me of bubbles and so a few goldfish popped into mind when I started sketching. I returned the favour with a watercolour sheet of my own along with some handmade stickers, petals, a butterfly sticker and the twenty cents I owed her son for his lovely drawing.

Thankfully, the postcard I made for Jessica turned up while she was unpacking after her recent move.
This time I drew a fan on a scrap of paper and cut triangles out of the paper she supplied to create a colourful breeze cooling the air.

In my postbox...

Barbara spoiled me rotten with two lovely packages this summer. The first was sent during her summer holiday and included a sketch, a gorgeous flower photo, British Columbia paper clippings and the most delightful sprout bookmarks.

Barbara's second amazing package was all about waffles! My family has a tradition of having homemade waffles every Saturday morning. Not only did she create an adorable waffle pop-out illustration with a my very own logo, she went so far as to show me pictures of her own waffles... that she used for printmaking! I'm also assuming she saved some to eat.

Kimi sent me pieces of the Arthouse Sketchbook tour to me with her latest package. She was kind enough to check out my sketchbook while she was visiting (and nicking their paper ephemera for me). A print of a recent colourful and happy painting as well as a clipping of a sweet anchor dress were also included. If I ever came across this dress, I'd have a hard time passing it up!

I'm hoping that I'll post about mail art a little more often than seasonally in the coming months. The idea of spending a few hours tucked in my studio on a cool rainy day sounds like the perfect fall day.



  1. So many gorgeous photos of beautiful stamps, artwork and envelopes... I am so happy to have finally sent you something and I am admiring all the other exchanges you're enjoying. Waffle prints ~ brilliant! And I love the watercolor palette with the flowers, hens and pretty papers. How do the book sprouts work? Do they grow in the pages? Lovely mail art!

  2. I alsolutely LOVE the fish drawing with the bubbles! Gorgeous ^_^

  3. Thanks, Kimi! The bookmarks are rubber and you can simply put the sprout in the spread where the leaves will close and your book holds it gently or pop it in the top so the leaves are sitting above the pages and the stem is resting in place.

  4. Thank you, Sarah!

  5. I love the collaborative work you've been doing. What a great way to foster creativity and it must be exciting for both of you to see the end result! It's nice to get reconnected with creative on-line friends through blog posts such as this. I'm looking forward to putting away the delightful randomness of summer and getting back to the comfortable rhythms of fall routines. Thanks for sharing your work and the work of others. : )

  6. SO glad i found that postcard! I knew that little envelope was in a box somewhere! Happy to see mail art adventures up on the blog.... i missed you while you were away. Nice to have you back and posting :)

  7. Thanks, Barbara. I hear you on the routines, I thrive on them. I am looking forward to time in my studio and replying to the mountain of mail art I owe.

  8. Thanks, Jessica! I had a feeling it would turn up. I had very random things in the last few boxes when we moved. Spices in with important papers, that kind of thing. I hope to get into a more steady blogging routine soon. I'll have a larger chunk of the day with only one kidlet who naps. I smell studio time!!

  9. Very cool how that works. Gosh, I just saw those waffle photos again and they're making me so hungry! Can smell the syrup...


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