Tuesday, September 4, 2012


The first time I visited Futuregirl's site I had been searching the internet for tips on hand stitching felt. I wanted to make a couple of small toys and dolls for my first daughter and found some very easy-to-follow instructions on Alice's blog. I lingered on her site for quite some time, reading her past posts and getting to know her through her writing. When I started this little blog, one of the first posts I wrote was about the felt projects I completed using her tutorials. I ignored my shyness and sent her an email with my link. She replied and featured my bag in a post about projects from her tutorials.

Several months later she wrote a wonderful piece about blog comments and I left a reply. I told her about how thankful I was for her encouragement and kind words for my fledgling blog and artwork. We've kept in touch since, via our blogs and twitter.

Another few months (or maybe a year) later, Alice asked me if I was interested in a trade. A painting for some embroidery, knitting or crochet. I may have made an audible 'squee' sound while I replied YES! After exchanging a few emails in which I showed her links as to what type of cowl I might like and colour, I got to work on her painting.

Actually, I had a few moments of panic first. Ohmygod, what have I agreed to? My painting's going to blow and she'll wonder why she ever asked me to trade. Can I get out of this without embarrassing myself? No, no, no, it'll be fine. Just going to do one quick Hail Mary before I tuck this into the postbox. FINGERS CROSSED! While she may not have done the same desperate internal dialogue, it turns out she too gets anxious over trades and was hoping I loved the cowls.

Scarves from Future Girl

OF COURSE I loved the cowls! They are warm grey, soft and all around beautiful! Plus, I was only expecting one. Imagine my delight when I open the package and find two; one crochet an one knit. I can't wait until our weather shifts just a little bit more so I can wear them.

Painting for Future Girl

When creating Alice's main painting, I layered several washes of colour from light to dark. I drew the triangles and filled them in with gouache then outlined them with ink and drew the trees. Alice mentioned she was reading The Hobbit, so I did a little research and pulled a quote I thought was appropriate for life in general. The very last item was four sheets of hand painted watercolour stickers for her correspondence.

The only detail I left out was a title for the main painting. If I had waited to mail it until I could think of a title, it would still be sitting in my studio. I managed to name two little humans, but when it comes to artwork, I'm always stumped. Any suggestions?

This has been a fantastic summer project. One I'm hoping we'll keep up over the years. It's also inspired me to finally tackle the large canvases I have in our main living space. Lots of colour and forest themes are in order!



  1. Finally had time to read this piece and so interesting to see the culmination of your projects (and now I know where your new Twitter pic comes from) : )
    Lovely photos to showcase the talents in this trade! Thanks for sharing this.

  2. Wow how wonderful. I've noticed this lovely knitted piece in your new twitter photo! I am soooo impressed with that wonderful painting you made. Happy, geometric, natural freedom. Nice to have you home from your summer adventures posting more often too! xo

  3. Thank you, Barbara. It was a fun summer project & I hope we'll continue next year.

  4. How fun to trade with someone that works in an entirely different medium. You look beautiful in your new cowls & I love your painting. Can't wait to see the giant canvas when you take it on! xo

  5. love your artwork! so beautiful and inspiring! now to explore the rest of your blog!

    you should check out we've got some good things going on over there, too!

  6. Thank you, Claire. Nice to hear from you. I'll take a look at your site now as well.


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