Thursday, October 28, 2010

A big ball of stress

I know that I need to learn to chill and that I should take change in stride. My 'worst case scenario' thoughts are a coping mechanism in which I theorize if I can handle the worst possible outcome of a situation, maybe it won't happen. I think that makes me a pessimist.

Deciding to move is stressful. There's a moment or two of relief once the decision is made until the reality of ALL THE WORK that goes into the process sets in. Moving across the country in my mid twenties with my boyfriend was easier and exciting. We had so much less stuff and could pack all night long if we wanted to. Now, with 2 small kids who can't skip a meal or skip naps, moving is so much more complicated.

I created this illustration quite a while ago from someone's Facebook update. It very easily sums up my current feelings.

Stress dude is not a happy camper. He hasn't slept well in months and his T-shirt is too small. Watercolour & Ink.

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