Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Facebook Inspiration

I've collected a real eclectic assortment of status updates. They vary from observances to gripes to confessions. I start the process by checking my Facebook page to see what people have been saying. I copy and paste the ones that spark some interest. When the kids are down for the evening I review my collected notes and pick a few that I think might work well. Sometimes I sketch in another book to see if my idea will work, other times I just go right into it and start painting.

A pink tracksuit. Wonder if she was on her way to somewhere special, like bingo. Watercolour and ink.

While I'm off of the Timmie's myself, I do appreciate the uniquely Canadian understanding of what a double-double is and what it means to NEED one. Watercolour and ink.

The cream and sugar are making plans.

Is complaining about the weather uniquely Canadian too? Ink.

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