Thursday, October 14, 2010

What's on your mind?

Been plugging away on my sketchbook, feeling inspired by a new subject. Before I go into more detail I need to confess something. I am fairly addicted to Facebook. Twitter is growing on me, but Facebook is usually the first site I check during breakfast. My favourite part of checking the site has to be the status updates. They are mini journal entries, confessions, blog posts and little windows into what's going on in someone's life. I love getting a good chuckle from someone's status that is part geeky and part confessional.

I've often day dreamed about the imagery that goes along with some of the wackier updates and so I decided to make this a new section of my sketchbook. I've been collecting some of my favourite status updates and tweaking the wording on a few.

It must be... what's on your mind.

Title page begins like a Facebook conversation. Watercolour and ink.

Knights in shining armor have to work night shifts too. Janitorial work, or maybe data entry. Watercolour, Pencil Crayon and ink.

On another kind of status update, we have decided to pack up and move across the country. Nearly as across as you can get... Ontario to BC. I'm committed and determined to finishing my sketchbook and mailing it back in time. I'm going to be writing as many posts as I can in bulk and posting them using the scheduled posting feature. (Man, I love that feature.) That way I won't be MIA for months.

To say things are going to be busy around here is a massive understatement. The due date for the sketchbook is January 1st. Our house will be on the market soon so prepping and showing will take a great deal of time. We will be moving as quickly or as slowly as it takes for our house to sell. Halloween is just around the corner and Christmas is really only a few weeks away. Did I just freak you out? I just freaked myself out.


  1. Would you clarify the definition of 'fairly addicted'? ;)

  2. I keep telling myself that there are worse things I could be 'addicted' to. It's all relative!

  3. Would you clarify the definition of 'fairly addicted'? ;)


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