Sunday, January 29, 2012

Mail Art Monday: Astronomy and Owls

Catherine Stone may have set the record for the fastest overseas reply. I could have sworn she only just received my package when a brown envelope full of astronomy and stamp goodies arrived in my mail box. Catherine set me several beautiful stamps including a heart shape and moose, not to mention a book page with several more examples. A small sheep print, a pin and postcard were included along with several solar system clippings and cards.

Sometimes when I go through magazines there are certain things that scream out someone's name. In this case, the Canada Geese clipping jumped up and shook me while yelling "Jessica Gowling." My Mail Art mentor, Jessica, received my owl envelope this week. It was stuffed with a lure watercolour print, an owl clipping, a letter on brown paper, several magazine clippings including a t-shirt with a "F-cking Awesome" print, a circle garland and a hunk reply. I've noticed that I have several visits to my site under the "70s man hunks" search term. Whether the individual is sweetly surprised by this or disappointed is a mystery to me. Ha!

On that note, I'd love to know the strangest search term that has been used to visit your site. Let me know in the comments!!

... J


  1. Both amazing packages! Love all the astronomy themed goodies you received (and what's that completely great world map thing I spy?), and the package to Jessica is wonderful - those eyes on that owl, wow!

    I've got a number of slightly odd search terms (which I'm guessing has led to many a disappointed searcher) but my current favourite is 'real dog looks like snoopy'!

  2. Thanks, Emily. The map is a postcard Catherine made from a University project titled "It's always tea time somewhere!"


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