Monday, January 9, 2012

Mail Art Monday: Stickers and Stamps

I love to send Rhya items that I think she can use in her journal. I created some handmade stickers on a sheet of blank, white labels and included some colourful dot and star sheets as well as a gold alphabet sheet. She recently sent me a link to her wonderful journal page on Instagram. I also sent along a Christmas card a dinosaur watercolour print and a note in a shells card.

I'm so happy to hear that Jessica is back to work on mail art! My lucky mailbox was blessed with an ornate envelope that included the perfect nautical and bumble bee stamps as well as stickers. She must have the best stamp stash ever! Inside was a collection of ships, stickers, a magazine clipping, and a note using her new typewriter. A cardinal card was slightly bittersweet as I am missing the little guys this winter. While we have some pretty amazing birds on the island, cardinals don't seem to want to venture this far north on the west coast.

. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

If you're interested in exchanging mail art, send me an email at saylormade at gmail dot com or a message on my twitter.


  1. Glad you liked all of the treats. You are correct, my stamp stash is awesome... I only wish it were BIGGER hahaha. Thanks for the blog post- I was surprised to see you feature the side of the magazine page with the couple next to the fancy car, when on the other side had boating images inside postal stamp shapes. maybe you're being sneaky and keeping some of the best parts to yourself :P haha. I love sending you bees and boats, althought I worry I should start to collect other items that may be of interest to you.... Got any ideas? tell me in your next letter!

    BTW have I ever told you I love that you feature several images of each mail art. As someone who has been publishing a weekly mail art post for almost a year now, I know how much work can go into photographing, cropping and editing alone. I could never do that with my mail - I commend you.

  2. Thanks again!! I knew you intended for me to have the ships on the back but there was just something about the other side that grabbed me. The colour and the lines of the car are fab! As for what else interests me... I like architecture, maps & globes. I'll think of some more for my next package to you.

    The cropping & sizing is a lot of work. On my long posts it's taken me nearly a week of a bit at a time to do it and that's usually when I tell myself I need to take a mail art break and work on other things. I like the way it looks so I think I'll keep it up for a while longer. I could have sworn someone once tweeted about a freebie software that will arrange photos for you in a grid style. Can't remember who or what at the moment.

  3. You always have such beautiful goodies here! I love that you make stickers and that you could use the shells card :)
    I have a little collection for you. Just have to put it together in an envelope and off to the post office. I haven't forgotten!
    Also, as Jessica said, please tell me of other things you would enjoy getting in mail.

  4. I love to use the stickers, cards, etc. I receive! I like the idea of a special piece having several homes during its journey. Happy to hear that there is another package brewing for me. No rush on it, though. I am a patient lady. I'm pretty easy to please, but I also like gardening, natural elements, natural colours or raw materials. I enjoy items that tell me a bit about you or your style & interests as I really like getting to know my mail art friends.

  5. I use for making collages - it's a bit slow at times but super easy to use (no messing about with cropping etc)

  6. Two gorgeous packages that remind me I need to get myself in to gear and start some mail art for 2012 (including a long overdue reply to you!). Love the idea of the handmade stickers, very clever!

  7. Thanks for the tip, Emily!

  8. Thanks, Emily! I'm excited for your reply but no rush. I imagine you're pretty busy preparing for your upcoming travel!


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