Thursday, January 12, 2012

Traveling Sketchbook

In my most recent mail art package from Jessica she sent along the traveling sketchbook from Valeria. It had been quite a while since I signed up for the collaborative project and when I began I couldn't quite remember if there had been a clear theme or not. I gathered from the previous entries and a few posts that it was along the lines of travel and returning. This made me think of the time that my husband traveled to another city for work each week and our weekly routine.

Using coloured pencils, I drew two suitcases. One was zipped up tight in the same way that it would be resting by the front door shortly before the cab would arrive. The second suitcase is slightly open, exactly the way it would sit on a chair in our bedroom for the weekend before being filled again.

I liked the way 'from there to here and back again' was written on a previous panel as it reminded me of the eager anticipation of his return rather than focusing on missing him so much. In the background of the panel I used a marker and quickly wrote a familiar conversation we would have by telephone, skype or email. Little bits about being in a cab, a plane leaving on time, what we should do on the weekend how each of us slept and how our day was going.

I am always delighted to participate in a collaborative effort because I have opportunity to gaze at the previous work in person. I think the book is coming together so well with such diverse pages and talented artists. Valeria is in for a real treat when it returns home to her!

The closest individual to me on the mailing list is Kimi, so I thought I'd send the journal straight south on its next journey. I'll be tucking in a few extra mail art goodies for good measure.

I enjoyed the subject matter of my panel so much that I will be applying it to my Limited Edition Sketchbook project in the coming months.

... J


  1. How fun! I wondered when this one might show up... now I know ~ quite soon! I like the simple design you chose and the conversation behind the two bags. It's always hard when a husband is away for work but this is a sweet way to remember the closeness that still exists despite the distance. :) Nice to also get a glimpse of the other pages! Jess's is rocking her mail stamps and I can't wait to see everyone's work in person. <3

  2. Thanks, Kimi! My favourite part BY FAR is getting to see the work in person, it's a rarity with my talented Twitter friends.

  3. I love your interpretation of the theme Jeanine. Looks like this sketchbook collaboration is going to be something very special. Chantal Vincent (not intentionally anonymous - my iPhone won't let me sign in!)

  4. What a treat, to work on that with so many interesting and talented artists! I love the conversation as a background :)

  5. Thanks, Kye. It's my second collaborative project with a group of people with another on its way to me. They are SO much fun.

  6. I absolutely adore this project, with so many different takes on the theme that are so personal to each artist. I'd love to own one of these collaborative sketchbooks myself, filled with so many different styles. Maybe I'll start my own project one day ^_^

    1. Thank you, Sarah. You should do it! Let me know if you decide to start one!


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