Saturday, December 11, 2010

Judge a Sketchbook by its Cover

I had a ton of ideas for the cover but saved it for last since I kept changing my mind. I created a book of 'it'. I like that it's a bit perplexing, having only the word 'it' on the cover. Perplexing makes me take a book off the shelf and open it. Once you open the book there's a spread with the second word of my subject matter 'must' and then on the next spread 'be'.

For the front and back cover I covered it with a quick wash of neon pink, a colour I've used many times in the sketchbook. The pink is accompanied with a light blue for contrast and just because I like blue. I covered the background with a line pattern I love.

The sketchook of it. Like your cousin it. 

The inside cover and initial page has another wash of watercolour but this time it's in a more subtle purple. I added another line pattern I love. The word 'MUST' is in chunky letters with patterns over a wash of several colours.

Pattern, pattern pattern.

The next spread has a small illustration from every page or spread of the sketchbook and the word 'be' over some origami paper I glued down.

Compilation and found paper.

The inside back cover has a simple 'this must be the end' text on one side and the decorated pocket with bio on the other.

Bio is hiding. She's shy.

The bio is from a sheet of watercolour experiments I was doing. This one looked like a kimono so I went with it and added a bit of ink for definition.

Bio's out and she's awfully pretty.

I'm not one for lengthy bios. I made this one more of a thank you for viewing my sketchbook and communicating my gratitude for this project which has brought me a lot of fun and inspiration.

The blog addy is on there in case anyone wants to add to my current hubby and mother readership.

Outside back cover is simply the extension of the hot pink wash and line pattern.

Now bio's just hogging the camera.

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