Thursday, December 9, 2010

Loosening the belt already

A few years back we decided not to travel to visit family for Christmas. I was looking forward to baking but soon realized that baking = eating and when you only have 2 adults in the house and your three different cookie recipes make 2 dozen cookies each that is a lot of eating. Once we bought our house, met our lovely neighbours and had kids I discovered that holidays now mean gifting with edible treats. I made the mistake one year of baking and then we were gifted with copious amounts of treats. There was so much we had to freeze quite a bit and save it for later. I can only be so glutinous. I have now learned to only make my favourite, Almond Roca, for gifts and a little extra left over and let everyone else supply us with baking.

Needless to say this status update struck a nerve and I had to whip up a quick illustration.

Oh the eating I have to look forward to! Watercolour & Ink.

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