Friday, December 10, 2010

In the Beginning

I think I stated here that I wasn't necessarily going to post my sketchbook drawings in any kind of order. While finishing up, taking pictures, adjusting in Photoshop and adding to my Picassa site, I realized I had a few pages I hadn't posted yet. I think it was probably because they weren't as strong as some of the other ones but in time they are growing on me. They're also an example of my thought process for this sketchbook in the beginning. Starting with just what popped into my head or what was going on around me.

Laundry or sketchbook. Sketching about laundry won out. Watercolour and Ink. 

Laundry theme continues with the sniff test and stray socks. Origami paper, marker and pencil.

Using the bleed through to my benefit with another sock and sniff test. Magazine clippings, marker and Origami paper.

This post is about the beginning of the sketchbook but I'm nearing the very end of the process. I am literally just double checking any glued bits for reinforcement and then this suckah is DONE and ready to ship back to Brooklyn. I can tell I'm already going into a bit of withdraw because I'm considering how to decorate my shipping envelope.

 The End.

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