Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Getting Crafty

I've never been much of a crafter. I know that may seem odd given my art background, but crafts have rarely given me much satisfaction. I've tried many different projects and perhaps the lack of enthusiasm in the past has a lot to do with the projects I've chosen. After hunting and gathering many expensive materials I discover that either a) I'm not good at said craft or b) no one has much use for the 500 wine glass tags I've just made.

Now that I'm using more social media, I'm seeing a wider range of projects that appeal to me. They are often a nice way to reuse material I may already have on hand or the number of materials are very limited and the instructions are much more detailed.

My first renewed craft attempt was the Craftberry Bush Blue Glass Mason Jar tutorial. This appealed to me because I had a couple of interestingly shaped jars on hand, the materials were few & easy to gather and I loved the look of the finished product.

It turned out pretty well. She is absolutely right when she says that the thicker or darker the application the more it will streak. Even though I read this, I still went ahead and globbed paint onto the larger jar. It's easy enough to wash and start again, but I think I'll wait until I have more jars to paint and do them all at once.

My next project is going to be Plaster Cast Leaves. There is a maple tree with leaves the size of my head which should be perfect for this. I promise to blog my success or failure on this one. You'll either be amazed or laugh along with me.

Do you have any interesting craft projects on the go or something you'd like to try?



  1. They are so pretty, I want a little cottage with a window filled with them. Sigh.

  2. My problem is I have way too many projects I'd like to try! I have a notebook full of ideas, a good dozen or so on-line projects bookmarked for a rainy day, numerous craft books filled with post-it marked pages, and half finished things hidden away in drawers and cupboards! I think really must be more disciplined with my craft...


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