Sunday, August 28, 2011

Mail Art Monday: Texutre and Patterns

Summer is winding down and Autumn is just around the corner. Soon my quick dashes to the mail box in sunglasses & flip flops will be made with a rain jacket and umbrella.


Sumi Senthi sent me a beautifully textured package full of flowers and delicate patterns. She took a crack at making her own envelope and it turned out really well. Another typed letter greeted me and explained a bit about all the items. I'll be adding the stamps to my collection and I hope to use her fabric and lace in a mixed media shadowbox I'm working on. The hard to see item on the right are panda bandages. Those will be stuck on one of my daughters next time they have a scrape.


My first package to Kye Sangha was a thank you for the large package I received during the June Swap. A handmade bug envelope housed a variety of stamps, tags, paper, ephemera as well as a silhouette, a leaf texture drawing and a special thank you from my daughter for the cards & stickers Kye sent just her. She scribbled on the card and then specifically told me it said "Please come to my house for a big family party." I'm slowly starting to outsource my mail art to the little ones.

My package to Jessica Mack of Brown Paper Bunny included stamps, tags, ephemera as well as a few quick sketches and a coneflower silhouette print. As I was going through the photos I took of her package I realized I didn't take a picture of all the components. Good thing Jessica did!

My studio time lately has been lacking so my replies have slowed down. I've been playing hooky in the last few weeks of really warm sunshine before the rain. If all goes well this week, there should be several packages on their way to some lucky people.

Until next week...

... J


  1. The package from Sumi is so beautiful-you can tell an artist put it together! And I loved my mail in, btw...I actually expect to blog about it sometime in the near future! Your daughters beautiful art is on my fridge, & I love seeing it, so cheerful!

  2. Each package is so much fun! Sumi's floral collection is gorgeous!


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