Sunday, August 21, 2011

Mail Art Monday: Pressed Flowers and Paper Bugs

Three wonderful packages arrived in my mailbox this week. Each one was as unique and wonderful as the sender.

Kimi Kobashi's package arrived early in the week and its combination of found items and unique art made me swoon. A nature walk pamphlet held several pressed flowers and leaves which I think I will add to a shadowbox design to house Jessica Gowling's bee. Also included were two clay magnets (a butterfly and swirls), frog stickers, a chocolate postcard, two frustration word cards (as a reply to my blarg sheets), paper straws, two butterfly illustrations and a really lovely personal letter.

My first package from Anna Jane Searle has set the bar incredibly high. I am blown away by the imagination and intricacy. A 'hello' curtain ring greeted me and inside the card was a thoughtful letter. There were two origami boxes; one will be perfect for holding stamps on my desk and the other had an illustrated Cabbage Bug specimen. It's a perfect and timely gift. I've been looking up all the insects and animals I'm discovering since this is my first summer in a new (to me) part of Canada.

Three vintage Snow White stamps (which I think I'll tuck away for my oldest daughter's first stamp collection) and a tiny scroll with one of my favourite words cut out. Last, but certainly not least, is an original illustration in blues and greens. It reminds me of jewelry or crystalline deposits in caves. I've placed it on my shelf right at eye level so I can see it while I'm working in my studio.

I've really been enjoying Anna's blog lately which has been showcasing some of her wonderful collections of jewelry & accessories. It's as though I'm peeking into her closet and admiring all her sparkling items. As well as her illustration shop, she also just opened up her second Etsy shop.

My sweet friend, Russelle at Heedless Ceramics sent me three oval pendants. Two cityscapes and one pretty flower. I love all of the rich texture and the muted colours in her ceramics.

While I've been enamored with her ceramic work for quite a while, I've been blown away by her linocuts as well. This one in particular looks like it's going to be an amazing print.

I was spoiled rotten by these packages last week and now I will be setting aside time to create replies with new ideas, a stack of fantastic magazines and inspiration gathered from around my little city.


  1. awesome packages!!! Can't wait to see the shadow box!

  2. I love how you put your photos together like in a montage format. I wish I knew how to do that. Thank you for your kind and wonderful words. Next time I will do a ship theme for you....must write that down before I forget.

  3. Thanks Anna! It's a touch time consuming at times but it's done in Photoshop. There might be plugins or online sources to put photos together like this without Photoshop.


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