Sunday, June 26, 2011

Mail Art Monday: Road Kill Treasure

I was planning on either skipping this week's post or showing you some of my daughter's most excellent doodles to fill the gap of my sad, empty mailbox. Luckily for me Jessica Gowling was exceedingly impatient to send me her 'road kill' reply.

I'll begin by explaining the background a little. She tweeted this:

I jokingly asked if there wasn't some sort of mail art protocol against sending road kill by mail. Turns out my guess was quite perceptive. She actually DID send me road kill in the form of a delicate honey bee. She included a letter with the story of going for a bike ride and spotting this little fellow out of the corner of her eye (that is some seriously good eyesight) and turning around for another look.

Not only did Jessica give me such a precious, thoughtful gift, she also included a SIGNED copy of a David Suzuki book about insects which includes information on how to mount them. I have the perfect shadow box frame squirreled away which I'll use for this. I think I'll press a flower and mount him with a little scene, insect taxidermy-style. 

And that isn't the end of the spoiling.  She also sent some sailor and nautical items, a Wills and Kate clipping (!!) Burt's Bees lip balm (great brand & really tasty) and bee stickers. 

Perhaps the arrival of this little bee has been a good omen. Sounds as though Canadian mail will be up and running again very shortly.


  1. The bee theme is so cute! Amazing that she was able to spot and send you a bee in the mail. Poor little thing! At least he'll be very honored in your mounted setting. Really nice mail art package. :)

  2. Can't believe you didnt talk about the puralator dude with the sleve tats lol. Perhaps this package is actually "courrier art" and not "mail art" but whatever haha. SO HAPPY you love it all. This was quite an elaborate collection of win, am excited it was well received. Be sure to share the finished bee mount.

  3. I know! Sorry... I thought of it right after I hit 'post'. Although, my cool courier moment was also accompanied by the spazz moment of realizing my fly was undone after I closed the door. There is balance to the universe. :-S


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