Thursday, June 2, 2011

A series about hair

A series of studies of hair... cool hair. The kind of hair I'm a little too scaredy-cat to try myself.

I started with a large watercolour wash of grey with some orange and pink. Next time I'll try several  tones of grey and more orange and pink as it was a little on the light side this round. As I was penciling in the outlines I tried to erase a tiny bit and wound up taking the watercolour right off. It worked out in the end, as I like the lighter tone it made on the face.

The comb way-over

Spikes and shaved

The mega bangs with dark tips

The extra short bangs with a streak of colour

... J


  1. This are super awesome! I love how the watercolour gives it that level of texture and I am always a HUGE fan of ink drawings. Beautiful pieces. I hope you are hav a wonderful weekend.
    Much Love,

  2. i really like this series. i think my favorite is the spiky hair, but each one is really cute.

  3. What a fun set! I like spiky, too, though I don't think I could wear it myself. :)

  4. In college I had the one on the upper right..and it was platinum ...weird to look in the mirror each time... hair almost long enough to sit on...and well its pretty tame looking...

    I like the pink...but not brave enough to try something like that anymore.. :)


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