Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Postal Trout

Jessica Gowling at Nature's My Friend put together a collaborative project dear to her heart.

The idea is for participants to use the trout as a tool to inject something natural back into a man-made and urbanized space, so that the power of nature and animals can again be a part of the lives of those roaming within the urban landscape.

 I was lucky enough to be a recipient of one of these fish and set out to find a good home for him. I don't think there's a more accurate description of 'man-made and urbanized space' than the suburbs. While the 'burbs aren't everyone's cup of tea, I love where I'm living and this particular town embraces nature much more than other areas.

I noticed that my local post box could use a little touch of nature. For selfish reasons I also liked the idea of having him close by so I can check up on him and see people's reactions once he's been spotted. I was also hoping he'd be the good luck charm to forgo a postal strike... but I guess he's not a powerful enough charm.

... J


  1. Love the trout! I have yet to put mine up and like you want to have him near. It has finally stop raining here so I should get out and stick him up.
    I love seeing a little glimpse of your town it looks so pretty!
    Hope your having a great week and have a wonderful June.
    Much Love,

  2. Love the 'postal trout.' great placement madame saylor! I totally understand you wanting to keep him near and check up on him. I tend to go through the alleys to meet John after work now, just to see if mine's still swimming happily on the cold grey steel dumpster. I'm sure yours will make a few mailbox trips more enjoyable for your neighbours.

  3. I know...I want to keep mine too..... I'm still thinking.... think, think, think, think,


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