Sunday, May 22, 2011

Gifts & Rescues

I love that the people closest to me read my blog. My Mom told me that she read my cork stamp post the other day and decided to send me a box of corks. They had been saving them for a friend's craft project but it was cancelled or didn't work out.

I thought it would be a small box of 20 or 50 but had no idea it would be THIS BIG. This box is 6" x 6" x 9" and it's FULL of corks.

Now, before you begin to think my parents are winos, I have to admit to contributing to this supply during our visits. Plus, it's also from entertaining and they've been saving them up for quite some time.

I see a lot of stamps in my future.

While I stayed in Regina during our move west my mom and I had chatted about used books and the charity book sale where she volunteers. During this year's sale, she rescued a book from the garbage and sent it to me to be used for mail art or general collecting. It's an old book and the binding has disintegrated, but the illustrations are still in pretty good shape.

I've already sent two of the colour plates to Heedless Ceramics and Jessica Gowling. I feel guilty chopping up the pages of a book, but considering it was likely to be shredded, I think I've given it a new life by sending its pages off to be admired by others. 

Thanks for reading my blog and sending these treasures, Mom. xo


I have far too many corks to keep for myself. How about I make a little contest out of this?

- Make your best guess as to how many corks are in the box in the picture above.
- Put your guess in the comments in this post. One guess per person (so make it a good one).
- Closest person to the actual number by Friday, May 27th at noon PDT wins 6 hand-carved stamps like these.
- Open to anyone.


  1. ruth blohm-hunterMay 23, 2011 at 6:49 AM

    I'm going to guess...hmmm...243!

  2. I'm terrible at judging anything to do with weight, amount, distance, etc - but I'll go for 117.

  3. I'm always rubbish at these but I'll guess 215?? That book looks like a gem!

  4. Thanks for the link to the RSO...and for the xo; back at you!

  5. I'm going to guess 92...and I love old children's book illustrations...the giraffe one reminds me of your work...

  6. elocinnnicole (nicole)May 24, 2011 at 12:29 PM

    My guess is 69. (Because I'm so mature.)

  7. my guess is 173. the illustrations in that book have me drooling a little. esp. the spread with the giraffe on it--it's just perfect!

  8. Aren't mom's the best? My mom always manages to send me things right when I need a little pick me up. Oh and that book is so great, the illustrations are amazing!
    I'm going to go with 87 corks. What a treasure you have there :)

    Hope you enjoyed your long weekend!
    Much Love,

  9. after some calculated guessing.... ONE HUNDRED AND THIRTY SEVEN CORKS!!!! are there any price is right rules in effect? (goes to the closest bidder without going over??) I HOPE I WIN!!! down with the rest of you... lol

  10. Awesome I used to collect bottle caps from where I worked but I've never seen so many corks! 170? Beautiful illustrations aswell! I may have to look up this book :)


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