Wednesday, May 25, 2011

That Goofy-Giddy Mail Art Feeling

When I walk across the street to get the mail and find a mail art package I am giddy. There may be some jumpy-claps involved and I invariably have a large, goofy smile on my face while I'm opening the letter. I get the same kind of goofy-giddy feeling when I find out someone has received my letter and it makes their day a little bit happier.

I recently received a very prompt reply from Michelle Ashton in response to the letter I sent her a short time ago.

My spoiling included postcards of buildings, map, letter & building stickers, a few sheets with green and blue washes of colour, some cute bear images and one of her photographs of a side street in Belgium.

On a related side note, the picture of Belgium reminds me of the lady I saw when we were there. She was walking along the cobblestone streets with one, 4" heel and one, knee-to-toe cast. I will forever have the impression that Belgian women are SERIOUS about their footwear.

I can't remember if I mentioned in my letter to her that I adore typography. If I did, she put together some perfect items and if I didn't, she read my mind (or maybe, blog) and knew exactly what I love. It's impossible for me to pick just one element that I love the most, but I think it's a close race between the colourful building stickers and the map-star stickers.


I took a bit longer to put together Jessica Gowling's response to this sexy-epic package. I wanted to make her a few special items I'd been thinking about lately.

I created a set of four postcards with pictures from my grandmother's antique globe. I used an image transfer method to get the photos onto thick, textured watercolour paper and to give it a worn and weathered look. I included a cutout from an old children's book that was rescued from the garbage and a few stickers to add to her collection. Lastly, a little veggie propaganda art in which I'm forcing her dislike of mushrooms against my (great) dislike of brussels sprouts. On the back I wrote:
"In the epic battle of brussels sprouts vs mushrooms, who will win? The one that grows in poo or the one that smells like farts?"
I really like the way the veggie-propaganda turned out and I think I might work on a small zine with that theme in mind. I shall distribute it to the masses to rally against the evil, foul-tasting sprout!

Sending and receiving all this amazing mail art reminds me that I need to get crack-a-lacking on the large cork board I have planned for my studio. I want them to be out on display and right in front of me while I work so I can keep that giddy feeling around as long as possible.

... J


  1. I had no idea you adore typography! I had a feeling you'd appreciate the building stickers. I've had them for a fair while now and as I was rummaging through my box of bits and bobs, I immediately thought of you when I clocked them.

  2. Christa SunderlandMay 26, 2011 at 9:15 AM

    I love mail art :) Wish I was able to get more mail art then I do now *sighs*

  3. aw yea, making people happy with mail art. :D so glad you've really taken a liking to this idea. I love my brussels sprouts... you and your fungi can go off and hang out elsewhere... wait. this is your blog.... I guess me and brussels will be on our way. <3


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