Sunday, May 29, 2011

Mail Art Monday

I was beginning to feel as though nearly all my posts were about mail art. Not that that's a bad thing, but I want to diversify and make sure I'm writing about other projects. So, I'll save up the posts for every Monday and show what I've received and what has arrived at its destination.


This past week I was the proud recipient of a sweet little package from Katie Whittington. Katie is a printmaker and textile designer in the U.K. I found her via Anika on Twitter and was instantly intrigued by her Doilie drawing. I love finding blogs in which I suddenly find myself on the 10th page and desperately want to keep exploring. I noticed her I wanted to tell you page in which she left her contact information in order to exchange mail art. I am often shy when it comes to asking for an exchange, especially from individuals who's art I admire. I'm glad I sucked it up and went for it, because look at the beautiful package she sent to me:

The Goods:

- A felt Chihuahua who needed a name. I have named him Frederique. Actually, he told me his name was Frederique and I wasn't to shorten it to anything silly like Fred or, God forbid, Freddie.

- A postcard with a pair of very dignified looking deer. She mentioned she was sad to part with it, so I'm honoured she felt as though I would give it a good home.

- A bag of buttons for a button swap because I mentioned in a comment that I have similar childhood memories of rooting through my mother's button jar.

- A star applique as well as a piece of silkscreened fabric and a magazine clipping, both containing a lot of pink. It's true, I do love hot pink.


Sumi Senthi told me on Twitter that she was feeling a little sad that her mail offerings were consisting of bills and other not so fun items. I remedied this by telling her I'd send her a little something to brighten her day.

I started our art conversation with a clipping from the New Yorker depicting a woman at a thrift sale, sunning herself. It had a very spring-like feel to me when I spotted it. I included at mixed media piece of a watercolour and stamp cut-out squid on an ink background. A set of sparkling butterfly stickers, an origami crane and a 'woody's' cut out round off the package. I will readily admit to being so immature that I find it hilarious that I am sending my mail art friends 'woody's' in the post. 

... J

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